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We’re committed to helping you grow your business. Period. We’ve helped countless small and mid-sized businesses blow past their marketing goals with easy-to-build, beautiful, high converting landing pages. But you need more than just a landing page. If you want to really grow your business, you need a business partner who’ll stand by your side – somebody who’ll share their deepest knowledge about how to succeed on the internet. That’s Lander. We’re here to turn you into a landing page superhero.

Clients Testimonials

How Lander helps Businesses grow

Using Lander to grow my agency

“Lander claims to be a landing page software, but it's been much more than that to my agency. Whether we need a one-page for our new free ebook, or a client's product, running some a/b testing and optimizing for mobiles along the way, or a temporary sign up page for a webinar, Lander covers it all. I’ve increased conversion rate on my landing pages from 19% to 43% thanks to A/B testing and It takes us around 3 hours total to set up a simple page for a client's upcoming online event.”

Andrew Apanov - Founder and CEO at Dotted Music

Using Lander to increase my sales

“I have really enjoyed having the ability as a marketer to create my own splash pages. Lander is extremely user friendly with excellent support coming from the Lander Team. Prior to starting with Lander I was using websites that converted at less than 6%. After playing with different designs and colors with the Lander’s Editor I’ve been able to get my conversions as high at 20%. I’m very happy with the service Lander provide and would highly recommend them to others looking to increase their business marketing results.”

Rachel Krider - CEO at Booming Online Business

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