What is a Landing Page?

All landing pages are web pages though not all web pages are landing pages.

A landing page is a single page web entity that is focused on turning the page’s visitor into a conversion. The traffic to a landing page is specifically from digital marketing campaigns.

What is a landing page? Removing elements that distract a visitor on a page and instead, focusing on 1 call-to- action is what the best landing pages do. All landing pages have a goal. The goal is to make the landing page’s visitor to take an action. This action known as a conversion.

Landing pages are created for marketing campaigns. Whether that marketing campaign is email marketing, pay per click (Google AdWords) marketing, organic traffic or social media marketing – all of these campaigns must have a landing page associated with their campaign.

The landing page requires content that expands on the marketing message being sent and a high performing landing page speaks to the various personas that are likely to come visit your page.

The flow of a highly optimized online marketing campaign:

Digital Marketing Traffic (email, PPC, social media, organic)

Action Words/Buttons (CTAs)

Landing Page

Click through/Purchase/Download/Form Fill (end conversion)

The Best Landing Pages contain:

  • Headline that matches marketing campaign
  • Bullet point information (quick glance information)
  • Picture or video of what you’re selling
  • Call-To- Action (CTA), either in button form or in words
  • Expanding the bulleted points below-the- page-fold
  • Reviews or testimonials

Measuring Landing Page Performance

Landing pages are used in a variety of marketing campaigns. From B2B to B2C – if you’re running a digital marketing campaign, you will need to use a landing page to measure the impact of your campaigns.

Measuring the impact of digital marketing campaigns can be done in a number of ways.

A landing page is where you can test variations of messaging, calls to action, form fields and more to learn which element of page appeals most to your audience.

This is known as A/B testing, where you change only one element on each landing page variant to test for higher conversion rates.

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