Why Social Proof is crucial for your conversion rate, landing page?

How to include Social Proof in your Landing Page

A business needs to be perceived as a credible and trust worthy enterprise for a website visitor to be influenced by your messaging. The results can be outstanding for your conversion rates, social proof badges can increase conversions by 10%-30% depending on usage and clarity.

Other ways to increase perceived credibility or trustworthiness can be by doing some of the following:

  • Making your landing page look professional
  • Adding a privacy policy to a landing page form
  • Using paid certification badges
  • Up-to-date Certificates
  • Using “Secure” in button text ex: “Go to secure checkout” vs “Checkout”
  • “Shop with Confidence” messaging
  • If your site offers secure transactions, let the customer know with a badge
  • Making sure your copywriting inspires confidence and makes the business appear credible

Things to test

  • Use 3rd party verification logos
  • Test adding a physical address in the footer
  • Test putting assurances related to security, privacy, returns etc
  • Try putting your telephone number in the header, test size of number
  • See if changing the tone of voice of your privacy policy to something approachable makes a difference
  • Maybe changing the language of the privacy policy can help too