Marketing your video with landing pages

Video Marketing Landing Pages

Landing page experiences rely upon the content you offer. A video offers you an opportunity to display all the persuasive, above-the-fold content in a simple passive engagement model – it takes very little effort for your visitor to press click on the video and process all of the information.

Benefits of landing page videos include reduced bounce rates, catering to short attention spans, more compelling messages, and search engine optimization is dramatically boosted with the presence of videos.

Make the video content appealing, short and persuasive. Talk about the benefits of your products. Make sure the video quality is top notch, with various calls to action sprinkled throughout and features yourself or your employees. Be sure to script the video before shooting.

Not all videos are created equal, if you find yourself with a losing proposition with your first video, like other aspects of marketing – play with the format and reshoot the video if necessary. Things to test include, playing the video automatically against a visitor pressing play. Consider an Autoplay variant where the volume is muted versus one that has sound playing.

Eventually you’ll find the right combination of all factors to get those conversion rates up.

Our favorite vendors for video hosting include:

  • Wistia
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube

Each cater to a different audience and the style in which the video is delivered also varies. Be sure to pick the one that’s right for you.