Using the Right Images
in Your Landing Pages

How to use Images in your Landing Page

We know that maybe the landing page images are the last thing you think of when you’re building it, but trust us, well-chosen and thoughtfully placed pictures on your landing pages can help you enjoy more conversion success.

Images that are relevant to your marketing message can provoke an emotional buying response from your landing page visitors.

Indeed, one study shows that stock photos drive 30% of prospects away from a website because of reduced credibility. Do you think if 30% of your website or landing page visitors left your site it could hurt your conversion rates? Of course!

Your images need to be related to your landing page copywriting and overall theme.

Keeping this rule in mind, try, if possible, to show a landing page image of someone enjoying the benefits, even the lifestyle, your product offers. It really pays off to find an image that people can relate to.

How to use images in your Landing Page

How to use Images in your Landing Page

Let’s take a look to the different ways you can use your Landing Page Images.

Use Images to Make Things Tangible

People want to see the product they’re considering buying. According to marketer Derek Halpern, using random images on your conversion landing page might distract your visitors from the real purpose of your landing page (which is to convert people).

That’s why you should try to use an image of your product, something that allows people to imagine how is going to look once it’s in their hands.

If you’re a selling a SaaS product, it would be a good choice to display how the application looks like on multiple devices.

Use Images to Engage Your Visitors’ Emotions

Everyone knows that people buy based on emotions, but justify their purchase with logic. Images can help you generate positive emotions that make people want to buy immediately.

And let's face it: people make buying decisions, to one degree or another, based on emotion. If all you do is appeal to them on a logical level, your conversion results will tank.

As we've said before, selling is a transfer of emotion. So use your landing page images to build the emotions that will lead to sales.

Use Images to Build Trust

One of the biggest barriers to online sales is the issue of trust. Shoppers don’t get the benefit of walking into a physical store to see if you’re a legitimate company.

But online that’s a lot harder. The main question your visitors will ask themselves is: Can I trust this website with my money?

The conventional wisdom is to use images of real people to generate trust. It’s what TV advertisers have used for years: hire a pretty young actress to use the laundry detergent or vacuum the carpet with the new vacuum cleaner.

But do images of real people work?

A large number of consultants have taken this lesson to heart. Many online marketers and other consultants find that featuring an image of a real customer or if promoting their company - pictures of employees is a great trust builder.

Use Images to Direct People’s Attention

Sometimes you want to direct people’s attention to the most important part of your page, such as your online form.

Instead of relying exclusively on color, positioning and arrows pointing them in the direction you want them to look, why don’t you try images of people looking in the direction of the element?

The effect? It makes you feel like they’re expecting you to click on the quote button. This is a subliminal clue to the page’s intentions at its best!

Make Sure You Use the Right Color Images

Many images are designed exclusively to emphasize or accentuate a section of a landing page.

For example if you include a price in your Landing Page, you could use colors to emphasize one of the products, ex: “The Best Option” or “Best Value”.

Your could try to conduct an A/B Testing to find out which color helps conversions on your pricing page.

Use Images Wisely

While often an afterthought, images can help you increase the effectiveness of your landing page.

But you need to think about the purpose of your landing page, and the purpose each image will play towards driving conversions.

And please, please, please, don’t use stock images on your landing page. Stock images are essentially an anti-trust icon. They scream “shoddy” and “unprofessional.”

Use original images whenever you can – and use images with a purpose.

Last bit of advice, images are another great element that you continue to A/B Test, until you find the right image for each one of your Landing Pages.