How To Create a High
Converting Landing Page Headline

How To Create a High Converting Landing Page Headline

Your headline is surely the most important part of your Landing Page, along with the first element that your visitors see when they arrive on it. If you build an attractive and persuasive headline, your chances of getting your visitors to stay on your page dramatically increase.

You have to keep in mind that your Landing Page Headline grabs and focuses your reader’s attention and provokes them into wanting to read further. It sets the stage and the emotional tone that will make them stick on your page.

Without a decent headline, you can have the world’s most persuasive message, but chances are the message won’t be read, and your marketing campaign just might crash and burn.

I know this sounds like your Headline decides the future of your business, and of course that’s not totally true, but yes you should spend a lot of time creating your headline.

But it doesn’t have to be that difficult to create a successful headline. To make your work easier, take a look to the three golden rules to help you create better, higher converting, headlines for your landing pages:

  • Focus on the user benefits: A person looking at your landing page wants to instantly know how your offer will benefit them. Make sure your headlines clearly communicate the practical difference your product or service makes to your customer’s life.
  • Know who you’re talking to: Consider the desires and concerns of the people in your target audience and shape your headlines around these. Be careful to use words and phrasing your customers and prospects use themselves, and avoid jargon like you would the plague.
  • Add some energy: An easy way to increase the engagement and urgency of a headline is to start it with an active verb – or ‘imperative’. ‘Go’, ‘Get’, ‘Choose’, ‘Own’, ‘Save’, ‘Protect’ and ‘Enjoy’ are just some examples. Use this technique carefully to create headlines that have the same energy as, and complement, your calls to action.

A Powerful Headline Formula

How To Create a High Converting Landing Page Headline

If those golden rules are not enough for you, every time that you have to build a headline remember this formula. If you realize that your headline has these 3 aspects then you know that you’ve created an eye-catching, memorable, persuasive headline.

Curiosity + Benefits + Instant Gratification

When readers are curious, they naturally want to find out more – they want to keep reading. They like it when you tell them how you can benefit them. And when you promise them something “NOW!” just for reading your content, they find that almost irresistible.

When you combine curiosity plus benefit plus instant gratification, you have a sizzling landing page headline!

Something to Remember When You’re Building Your Headline

How To Create a High Converting Landing Page Headline

When you’re building your Landing Page Headline you need to remember that your visitors are probably there because they clicked on some of your emails, PPC Ads or social media ads.

Chances are your visitors are at least somewhat interested in what you are offering. They took the time to click the link, visit your landing page and learn more.

If you’ve built “sales momentum” up to this point, you’re on the right track. But your work is far from over. Your reader clicked through, and he’s probably quite interested, but he’s also probably also nervous.

He most likely has this sneaking suspicion that you’re about to try and sell him something.

Your landing page either keeps the momentum going, or it can extinguish it, like a bucket of water dumped on a burning candle. One of the key things you can do to keep the momentum going is to put a compelling headline on your landing page.

Though a great headline keeps the momentum going, and hopefully lifts it even more, and even though it “sets the stage” for the reader to be more interested in your landing page content and convert, its main job is much simpler: get the first sentence read. The first sentence’s main job is to get the second sentence read, and so on.

A/B Test Your Landing Page Headline

We can say it from our own experience, it’s really hard to create the perfect Landing Page Headline. Even if you get to a headline which meets the rules mentioned earlier, there’s always another option for your headline.

We usually get 20 headlines that end up being 5 or 6 headline in the final list. What do we do next? We start A/B Testing!

You should always A/B Test your headlines, because the final answer is given by your visitors. They will tell you which one is the perfect headline.

Some final advice, when you are reviewing your landing page headlines, put yourself in your reader’s shoes and try to think like they do (actually this is a good practice for every part of your online marketing messages).