How to create effective Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile landing pages have skyrocketed in importance since the release of the smartphones with mobile internet browsing capabilities. Mobile internet users tend toward informational rather than transactional interactions.

  • Me: “Hey Tim! When does that Chinese place, down the street, close?”
  • Tim: “Not sure, let me Google that…”

How often does this happen in your conversations? Fairly often – according to Google - mobile searches are on the rise. It indicates that informational searches are on the rise.

The mobile information is processed in smaller pieces – everything you know about desktop landing page experiences can be used here though in bite sized pieces.

Mobile Landing Pages

Use the following 10 tips to get your mobile marketing strategies optimized:

#1 Hand Friendly

  • Create targets on page that are clickable with ease

#2 Brevity is your friend

#3 Legibility

  • Use a font that your visitor can read without squinting, enlarging etc.
  • Avoid harsh backgrounds vs font colors
Mobile Landing Pages

#4 Click to Call

  • Used to CTAs to drive action? Try using click-to-call as your CTA instead.

#5 Geo-targeting

  • Be local, mobile users respond to geo-targeted places within 20 miles of their location

#6 Super Short Forms

  • Like asking for numerous form fields – in a mobile targeting experience aim for 50% of your desktop’s form fields

#7 Action oriented, one goal

  • Yes, the user wants information, however visitor’s attention spans are short
  • Use action verbs
  • Don’t confuse people with different goals

#8 Single Column Layout

#9 Fast load / small file size

  • Smaller file size = faster load time
  • Optimize your mobile landing page for speed

#10 Mobile Accessible

  • HTML5, jQuery, JPG & GIF are your buddies