How to create Landing Pages for your Target Audience

Targeted Landing Pages

Ask yourself – is receiving 20,000 visitors from a pillow making website better than attracting 400 visitors from a highly relevant industry publication that covers the specific audience you are marketing to?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the business of conversions and not page views. Page views bolster the ego though they drive very little value to the business. Conversions, however, bolster your business’ bank account.

Now that you are sure you want to drive conversions, you need to figure out how to build landing page content that appeals to your market segment. Questions to ask to build audience:

  • Are they in an early stage of buying? Information gathering perhaps? Ex: Virtual Reality headsets for phone – what is it, what are their options?
  • Maybe they’re in middle stages of the buying process, the criterion is identified and they are locating and comparing brands and models.
  • If they are in the last stage – they know they want a specific brand or model and now they are searching for the best price and best form of customer service options.
Targeted Landing Pages

When you know which stage your visitors are arriving to you, the content you create will be better aligned to their needs. If you are in the business of selling Ad space on your site, perhaps the early to middle stages might visit your site.

Create compelling content that invokes interest. Make sure the messaging is on point. Informational and usage perspectives would be better.

When the visitor is in the middle to late stages of a buying cycle – the content needs to speak to comparisons between brands or even targeted landing pages for specific brands and models – with branding for each page aligned so that the visitor knows they’ve reached the right place.

Having identified your target audience and defined your conversion goals – you focus elements of your pages, PPC ads, email or advertisements that drive potential sales to your landing pages:

  • Have you got the right messages for each type of profile and their motivation? You’ll probably need more than one.
  • Have you got the right messaging for each stage of their buying cycle?