The Anatomy of an Ebook Landing Page

Trying to build an Ebook landing page?

The Anatomy of an Ebook Landing Page

Ebook’s are a great and effective lead generation tool, especially to drive prospects to download the book.

Follow this quick guide to make sure you’re on the right track:

#1 Choose the right headline for your audience

Make certain to create a headline for your Ebook landing page that incentivizes your audience to take action. A description does not make a good headline. Make it eye catching and worthy of your visitor’s attention. Remember to speak to the benefits not the features.

#2 The Subheading

After creating an amazing headline – use the subheading to explain more about what is in the Ebook and the benefits it will give the user. It should be supportive to the headline rather than very different.

#3 The Ebook Description

Now you can get into the meat of the why you wrote the book, why the visitor needs to download the book and the incredible value that your book is providing them. Include a teaser with an outline of the content in the book that gives enough of a hint of what the book is about.

#4 Add Bullet Points about Benefits

You’ve got their attention with the above – now give them bullet points about the benefits, quickly. If you’ve got influencers who’ve helped put the book together, mention them in separate bullet points, after all – they would be a part of your unique value proposition.

#5 Ebook Cover Image

Visually display your Ebook on the landing page. People prefer to take information in visually over text, therefore an image of the book is more like to incentivize conversions. Showcase the cover of your Ebook – it is easier to digest quickly – make sure the picture and content is relevant.

#6 Lead Form for Ebook Landing Pages

This is where the money making happens for an Ebook landing page. You will want to optimize the lead form by asking for as little information as possible. The less you ask for, the more likely they are in giving that information to you.

In an ideal situation, ask for only email. If this is not ideal, experiment with other fields in the form. Do not use more than 4 fields per form.

#7 An Effective Call-to-Action (CTA)

You might be wondering what a CTA is. It is easily the smallest yet perhaps the most important component on your page. The call-to-action is where your visitor take the action that you’ve prescribed for them.

This is the chief rainmaker, the chief moneymaker. When done right, a CTA button is bright and attention grabbing. Remember to have only one intended action, a singular goal – it is a landing page afterall.

#8 Add Social Proof to your Landing Page

Social proof is essentially the ability to prove to the visitor that others have found your Ebook useful. This can be anything from showing the number of downloads to social shares on a page. If you are showing number of downloads–add a script into the HTML or manually update.

ex: “Ebook has been downloaded 3951 times”

A rounded off number drives less value to users versus an odd number. Also, a real live ticking number in front of the visitor’s eye makes a much larger impact than a static number.


Get out there and start your landing pages. Optimize the content on your page to improve the downloads and conversion for your Ebook. A page with one focused goal makes that leap from a bounce to a new and very valuable lead for your business.