Content Writing for Landing Pages

Content Writing for Landing Pages

Your Landing Page content needs to be appealing, marketing friendly and conversion centric. The value of such content is defined by short, to the point wording yet appealing to several audience personas.

There are small differences in the manner in which a consumer perceives timeliness and intent. Can you tell the differences in the following content?

#1 “This is the product 5000. It has 8 thingamabobs and can do 100 moves.”

#2 “Meet product 5000, use the 8 thingamabobs to do all 100 moves!”

Line #1 is your basic feature list, it runs a little long and has facts only.

Line #2 includes features, personalization and benefits with a sense of urgency.

Well written copy includes this classic business school acronym – AIDA. Let’s see how to create engaging content.

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action
Content Writing for Landing Pages

Grab the visitor’s Attention:

  • Is it difficult to figure out what the page is about?
  • Is the key text differentiated?
  • Does the key text speak directly to the visitor about what matters?
  • Is the content immediately relevant?
Content Writing for Landing Pages

Increase their Interest:

  • Is it obvious that your site will meet the visitor’s need?
  • Does the copy speak in the language your visitor uses or in your language? This speaks to you-you versus we-we. More “you’s” and less “we’s” is better.
Content Writing for Landing Pages

Appeal to the Desire:

  • Show your visitors how you can solve their problem
  • Make case studies, whitepapers; Get independent reviews, testimonials
  • Offer discounts or promo codes or referral links to drive value
  • Show comparisons of your product’s plans or even better, derive value by openly comparing your product versus your competitor’s

Show them the way to take Action:

  • Use words that appeal to making a decision right now, be pushy with your copy, visitors need to be told what steps to take next
  • Action verbs take precedence ex: “Buy” vs “Buy Now” – the now creates immediacy in the reader’s head
  • Make the next steps obvious – if for a lead form, use a clear call-to-action (CTA) in the form’s headline and also in the button
  • Assume that none of your users are well versed in using the internet
Content Writing for Landing Pages


Always make certain that the content you write is relevant to the subject of the landing page. The importance of this is very high. Especially when writing SEO content marketing or for a paid ad.

For the sake of SEO – make sure to have a fairly high density of keywords – this does not mean spam your reader, have a headline that includes the keyword followed by a sprinkling of the same through the paragraphs. Also, remember to include the keyword in the page’s meta descriptions and the URL. This lets the crawlers know that this content is particularly valuable to the page.

In the case of paid search ads or paid social – high relevancy denotes a better quality score. Your quality score aim should be in the 7-10, if your quality score is in the 5-6 range you are almost there. If your score is 1-4, definitely look to improve your content/keyword relevancy as well as making sure your paid ad’s settings are following best practices.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Explained

In digital marketing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an important buzzword. CRO is a method of improving the percentage of visitors to a website who take the intended action (convert) and become customers.

The definition of a conversion is fairly straightforward – “The act or instance of converting or the process of being converted.”

For any business or product, a website serves as one of the main methods of interaction for customers. Websites provide value to consumers either as points of sale or advertising services or by being informational nodes. Improving the process or flow from which the visitor of a site takes the intended action is known as CRO.