Landing Page Best Practices

Creating the perfect Landing Page involves using a combination of elements that you can’t miss,
and before you ask us which one are them, find here the ultimate guide to create a successful Landing Page.

A Good Headline

The headline is the most important part of your Landing Page and is the first element they’ll see on it. A solid Landing Page headline can seriously boost the success level of an online marketing message. It grabs and focuses your reader’s attention and provokes them into wanting to read further. It “sets the stage” and the emotional tone that will make conversion more likely.

Call to Action (CTA)

Well, we think that a CTA is a lot more important than just a button! A Call to Action is essential for driving brand awareness and all of your lead generation and sales efforts. A clear call to action is how you “actively” tell your visitors exactly what action you want them to take: download your eBook, sign-up to your app, buy your product or whatever else you desire!

Landing Page Form

Forms are often the most important component utilized to generate conversions from landing pages. Without them, it can be nearly impossible to capture contact information to use at a later time. That’s why if you’re running a Lead Generation campaign you should follow some of the most important form design best practices.

Compelling Images or video

Well-chosen pictures on your landing pages can help you enjoy more conversion success. Images that are relevant to your marketing message can provoke an emotional buying response from your landing page visitors. Another great way to engage your visitors is by using Video Marketing. It offers you an opportunity to display all the persuasive above-the-fold content in a simple passive engagement model.

Landing Page Copy

Your content writing needs to be appealing, marketing friendly and conversion centric. The value of such content is defined by short, to the point wording yet appealing to several audience personas. Also your business needs to be perceived as a credible and trustworthy, that’s why you shouldn't forget to include social proof. This is crucial for your business because it could increase your conversions by 10%-30%

Landing Page Traffic

SEO traffichas a special place in Landing Page owner’s hearts. It supplies free traffic to their landing page based on keywords that visitors search for, but ranking for the wrong keyword can hurt not only your Page Rank but also your business. That’s why it’s really important to prequalify your SEO traffic. Another great way to acquire pre qualified traffic is to run paid search ads aka PPC ads.

Landing Page Audience

It’s really important to know who your Buyer Personas are. When we say that, we mean understanding their psyche. Not all people behave similarly nor do folks have the same temperaments. Identify your target audience will allow you to create targeted Landing Pages, and that will mean more conversion rate for you.

A Clear Value Proposal

All of the previously mentioned elements work together to demonstrate your unique selling proposition to your visitors. Your Landing Page should always reveal how your business stands apart from your competitors. And, it should quickly demonstrate how your solution is directly beneficial to them. If all of this is clear, you’ve greatly increased the potential of turning a visitor into a sale!

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