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Ticket Tailor

Tickettailor Integration


Ticket Tailor Integration

Use Ticket Tailor to sell tickets quickly, easily and with no commission
fees directly from your landing page.

Ticket Tailor is a flexible and highly customisable event ticket selling platform. With a ticketing widget embedded into your landing page, you can seamlessly take customer orders without redirecting them anywhere else no coding knowledge required!

  • Easily manage and process customer ticket orders.
  • Customise your box office, widgets and data collection.
  • Send personalised e-tickets automatically.
  • No per-ticket or commission fees.
  • Check-in attendees at the event using your smartphone.

Ticket Tailor integrates with Facebook, Mailchimp and Zapier, and offers app-based check-in as standard. Customers simply pay by card or PayPal and payments are processed through Stripe or PayPal.

With referral tracking links and whitelabeling available too, Ticket Tailor makes it incredibly easy to sell event tickets directly from your landing page.

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