Decibel Insight Integration

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Decibel Insight

Decibel Insight Integration

Decibel Insight Integration

Award-winning customer experience analytics, trusted by marketers
and web analysts in more than 50 countries worldwide

Decibel Insight is behavioral analytics technology designed to forensically examine how visitors interact with websites. It tracks and records what visitors see and what they do, enabling marketers and web analysts to use that insight to improve the on-site customer experience.

  • Watch back visitor journeys in video-accurate real time with Session Replay.
  • Use Advanced Heatmap technology to reveal a website’s hotspots in terms of both clicks and attention.
  • Discover why visitors are abandoning forms with comprehensive Form Analytics.
  • Measure page performance, review site errors and more.

Integrating Lander with Decibel Insight offers unprecedented insight into how visitors are interacting with your landing page.

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