Convert Experiments

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Convert Experiments

Convert Experiments Integration

Convert Experiments Integration

Use powerful A/B testing software and personalization to increase your
landing page’s conversion rate and measure the impact on conversions off-page.

Convert Experiments allows you to use over 40 variables to target and segment your audience and run A/B and multivariate experiment on one, multiple or all you landing pages at the same time.

  • Discover what variations really improve your conversion rates and revenue.
  • Monitor clicks, submits, page-loads on other websites and many more goals.
  • Get actionable experiment reports that are easy to understand.

Using the insights from Convert Experiments with Lander App's features you can create a variation of your landing page and see which design gets more engagement, lower bounce and higher revenue per visitor.

What would a tested change to all your landing pages do for your business? Test all of them at once and improve your conversions rate faster

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