Beacon Partnership

Beacon Partnership

Convert old blog posts into an eBook and give visitors
a reason to complete your Landing Page forms.

Beacon helps marketers to convert blog posts into professionally designed eBooks without hiring a designer. And it takes just 90 seconds. Add your content, choose from a range of professionally designed templates, or create your own themes.

  • Free WordPress plugin for exporting blog posts.
  • Free stock photography library.
  • Quickly customise eBook content and designs within Beacon.
  • Download books as PDF.
  • Link to mobile optimized web versions.

Use eBooks as a way of educating prospects about the problems that you will help them solve. If you can instantly offer them something of value then they will be more likely to opt-in to your Landing Page.

Use discount code “LANDER” for 50% off the first year when you purchase an unlimited account.