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bablic Integration

Bablic Integration

Integrate your Landing Page with Bablic, the easiest way to translate
and add languages to your Lander webpage.

Bablic is a website translation solution that lets you easily add languages to your site with just one line of code, no programming required. Bablic starts off with free machine translation and then lets you manually edit all of the elements you see (text, images, css, error msgs, forms, etc) with just a right-click in their user-friendly, visual, editor.

With this integration, you'll be able to:

  • Reach new visitors/customers by translating your Lander pages into any number of languages.
  • Increase conversions by providing content to your visitors in their native language.
  • Choose from machine or human translation.
  • Manually edit translated content (text, images, css, error msgs, forms, etc).
  • Translate your Lander page with one line of code - no programming required.

With Bablic, you'll literally be able to properly add languages to your Lander pages within minutes in order to benefit from increased user-engagement and conversions.

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