Setting Up Zapier with Lander

Looking to integrate your favorite apps with Lander?

Look no further, Zapier is here to save the day. Zapier requires no development knowledge to connect software such as CRMs, project management platforms, marketing automation platforms, and more.

Your heavy hitting landing pages made with Lander can now hit even harder with little effort. The following is a setup guide for Lander and Zapier.

In this example we’ll be using, an online project management platform.

Things you will need for this guide:

-A Lander account

-A Zapier account (If you do not have one, do not worry there is a free version plus a free pro version trial)

-An account for the software you a looking to set up. (In this case it is

Step 1: Log into your Zapier account.

Step 2: Locate and click on the “Make a Zap” in the navigation bar within Zapier.

Step 3: Select your triggering action and response action. On the left side is the software and action made to trigger the software on the right to perform your desired action.

Lander and Zapier

Step 4: Connect your Lander account. This is done through a web hook link. Follow the directions seen in the image below:

Lander and Zapier

*Note: do not use the link from the image above, use the one Zapier provides you.

Go to your dashboard for your preferred landing page and scroll to the end of the page. You are looking for the “Integrate Your Landing Page” section which looks like this:

Lander and Zapier

Click on Zapier and paste the web hook link after clicking on the Zapier button. If you did it correctly, the Zapier button will turn green like this:

Lander and Zapier

Step 5: Connect your other software’s account. Click the orange “connect button” or in some cases it will also be another web hook link. Follow the prompted directions within Zapier. Make sure to test the account to see if it is working.

Step 6: Set up your filter so not all actions within your landing page trigger new actions in your corresponding software. Make sure that your filters only go to your specific landing page otherwise this will not work.

Lander and Zapier


*Note: you can make more sophisticated filters by playing with the “AND” or “OR” filter options.

Step 7: Match up Lander with your corresponding software. In this case Lander is triggering tasks in, and the follow settings were chosen. Yours may be different; make sure to pick the settings that best fit your needs.

Lander and Zapier

Step 8: Test your Zap!

Step 9: Name and turn on your Zap. If you do not turn on your Zap, it will not work.

Congrats, you have set up Zapier and your favorite software with your landing page!