What is Lander Read Only Mode?

Once your Free Trial expires, your account will then be transferred to Read Only mode. After reading this you’re probably asking: what is Read Only mode and what does it mean?

Lander Read Only mode will still allow you to enter into your account and access the entire platform like before. You’ll still be able to check your stats, download any leads from your Landing Pages and even perform edits or create new pages.

However, your Landing Pages will be disabled. In other words, your Landing Pages are still online but, forms or links that you have included will not work. If you don’t want to lose any new valuable leads while your pages are disabled we suggest that you upgrade your account.

The Read Only mode will be effective immediately after your 14 Day Free Trial expires, or if you were using a paid plan, when decide to cancel your paid subscription. So, if you ultimately decide to cancel your paid plan, that means your account will enter Read Only mode the next day after your original renewal date.

One other important note. If your plans are to set up any PPC campaigns, Facebook Ads or any kind of email marketing campaigns, you’ll still be able to create landing pages beforehand while in Read Only mode. This way you’ll be ahead of the game and have your landing pages ready for launch when you upgrade.

After upgrading your Landing Pages are going to be enabled again, so forms or link will be working again. That means you'll be able to set up custom domains, point the PPC ads and integrate your favorite email marketing apps.

If you still have any doubts about Lander’s Read Only mode, please leave us your comments in the box below or write to us at support@landerapp.com, and our team will be happy to help you!