How to Integrate my Landing Page with Marketo

This post will show you how to integrate your Lander landing page form with your Marketo account so you can send your new leads captured on Lander to your email lists in Marketo automatically.

Ok, let’s get started! First, you need to access the Dashboard of the Landing Page you want to integrate with Marketo. Next, scroll down the dashboard and look for the Integration section towards the bottom and select the Marketo option.

Lander - Marketo Integration

As you can see in the image, you’ll be asked for your Marketo’s Client ID, Client Secret and Endpoint URL. Read on to learn how to get them. Keep in mind that the following steps can be performed only by a user with Marketo admin role.

Here’s how to do it:

1. In your Marketo account, go to Admin and click on Users & Roles, on the left.

Marketo 1

2. Click on the Role tab (on top) and hit New Role.

Marketo 2

3. In the Create New Role lightbox, type in a Role Name and go to Permissions (third box below). Check the option Access API and deselect the sub-options below, except Read-Only Lead, Read-Write Activity and Read-Write Lead. Next, press Create.

Marketo 3

4. Now go to the tab Users and click on Invite New User. Provide a name and email address of the API only user, select the newly created role and tick the checkbox API Only. In the end, click on Invite.

Marketo 4

5. You’ll now be required to create a custom application. Go to AdminLaunchPoint and create a new service.

Marketo 5

6. In the lightbox, enter a name and select an API Only user in the dropdown list below. Notice that only users that are API only are displayed.

Marketo New Service

Hit Create to exit the lightbox and go to View Details to get the Client ID and Client Secret needed for your Lander – Marketo integration.

Marketo 6


7. Finally, in order to find the Endpoint URL, go to AdminWeb Services and you’ll find it within the Rest API box. Copy that complete URL after "Endpoint".

Marketo 7

Now that you have your Client ID, Client Secret and your Endpoint URL, go back to Lander and paste them into the Marketo integration lightbox. Hit Update and you’ll see a dropdown with your Marketo’s lists. Choose the one you want to send your leads to, and Save.

That’s it, now every new conversion on your landing page will be sent to your Marketo account.