How to Use the Editor: Social Tools

If you want people share your Landing Page in their Social Media or if you want to use your Landing Page to show your visitors your principal social media you’ll need to use the Social Tools of the editor. Take 2 minutes and learn how to use them.

Once you’re in the Editor of your Landing Page displays the Social Tools flange, there you’ll find all the social elements.

For example if you want to show people your facebook and your latest post then you should use the Element Called Like Box. Select it and drop it in the place you wish on your Landing Page. Remember to write your Facebook URL. Now people will be able to Like your Facebook Page!

If you’re looking for people to share your Landing Page then you can select the Share Element. You can choose between different kinds of Shares Bars.

In case that you want to increase your followers, your fans or people in your circles you have to select the Follow element, and choose which Social Networks you want to show, then paste the links for each app. Remember that you can choose the size of the icons.

Finally use the element Called Widget to let people to add comments on your Landing Page. You can use this Facebook Widget to receive feedback or questions. People can show their comment also in their personal walls and make it viral!

Keep in Mind that you don’t need to use all the social elements, choose the right one depending your Landing Page’s goal.  Now you’re ready to make your Landing Page a social one!