How to Use the Editor: Basic Tools

You love our layouts and templates but you have some doubts using the editor? You’re not feeling confident when you want to change something in your landing page? Don’t worry, after watching this video you'll see that our editor is the easiest to use in the Universe.

Let’s start by the basics, you’re gonna see that just with an image, a video and a call to action you can create an outstanding Landing Page.

As you can see you just have to select the element and drop it in the place you wish on your Landing Page. There you’ll see a Gallery, with the images that you have already uploaded. But if you want to upload another one just click Browse and select the image you want from your computer.

Once you choose the image, select it and make sure that is in the right place. Then change its size using the arrows on the corners, until you find the perfect one for your Landing Page.

Now that you've included an image into your landing page, adding a video will be a piece of cake. Using the same process select the Video Element, paste the video’s URL from YouTube, Vimeo or Ustream and voilà! Just change its size and find the perfect place for it.

But that’s not enough. Your Landing Page is missing a call to action and some content to tell your visitor your product or service’s value. Add a title or any kind of content using the text element. Again remember to customize it, change fonts, color and size.

Finally you can use boxes elements for example to highlight something, you can add text numbers or even an image. Or use Lines to divide your Landing Page like in this example, just select the element and find the perfect size and width.

As you saw you can build a Landing Page just in minutes, now you’re ready to improve your actually Landing Page or to create your first one from scratch!