How to use Lander’s A/B testing tool

Lander provides an A/B testing tool for free with every account. To start testing here are the steps you must take:

1. Duplicate Variant

A/B Test Lander: Duplicate Variant
From your Dashboard, click the little blue button on the upper right of the green circle called “100%”. When you hover over it with your cursor a little bubble will appear that says “Duplicate variant.” You can click the blue button again to get a third variant.

2. Edit Variant

A/B Test Lander: Edit
Click the Edit button for each variant, and change the elements you wish to change. When you’re finished, click the green “Save” button on the upper left of the screen, and click “Finish” on the upper right.

3. Define the percentage for each landing page

A/B Test Lander: Define the percentage

You can then define what percentage of the time each landing page will be presented to your landing page visitors. Do this by sliding the vertical blue bar across the larger bar that sits vertically above the landing pages. The percentages will automatically change for each circle as you slide the blue bar left and right.

4. Republish

After you set the percentage, click the big blue “Save” button on the upper right of your dashboard. The blue “Save” button will the turn into a green “Republish” button. Click the “Republish” button, then click to confirm that you would like to republish these pages.

A/B Test Lander: Republish
Now start testing!