How to Setup your Mobile Version

Have you tried looking for your Landing Page in your Smartphone or Mobile? Well if you've never created a "mobile Landing Page", your visitors might have had problems surfing your Landing Page,and that is for sure not a good User Experience. That’s why Lander let’s you create your own mobile version and increase your conversion numbers even in your mobile. Let’s see how to do it!

When you’re at your Dashboard look for the section call Mobile, then just click the Activate button. Now your Mobile version is activated, but you need to customize it. Keep in mind that  it’s gonna be shown the layout you chose for your Desktop version. So go to the Editor and now as always just use the drag and drop editor to make your perfect Mobile Landing Page.

Remember that if you don’t want to customize your mobile version, it’s better to keep it deactivated otherwise people will see your Landing Page without your content, information, images or video. So in that case it’s better to leave the desktop version. Here at Lander we recommend always to take some minutes and create the mobile version, you’ll see the difference in your conversions rates!