How to setup your Confirmation Page

Get into your Dashboard and then go to your Landing Page’s editor. Once you’re there you just have to enter into the Form’s editor, you can do it by double clicking on it or by pressing the pencil.

Now that you’re there you’ll see a field that says Action, there will be three different options, choose Go to a Confirmation Page. Done that you have to save your changes, and get out of the editor. Now you’re gonna be again at your dashboard, you have to press into the Confirmation page’s editor. Once you’re in this editor you can customize your Confirmation Page.

From here is like customizing a Landing Page, drag and drop the element that you want, change the title, the color, you can personalize it as you prefer. If you want some tips about how to get the most of your confirmation page visit our post here.

Once you have all set, save your new confirmation page, get back to the dashboard and publish your Landing Page. Now once your visitors complete the form with their information they are gonna be redirected to your Confirmation Page.

That’s all! You have everything you need to create a Confirmation page as beautiful as your Landing Page