How to setup a Custom Domain

With Lander you can show your Landing Page under you own domain in a few easy steps. (Keep in mind that you can create your custom domains even being in the free trial)

Lets see how to do it.

First, go to your Lander's Account Settings and and look for the Add a Custom Domain section. Now write down the domain or subdomain you want to add (e.g. tutorials) and click on Add Domain. When you click you’ll see that the new domain will turn yellow, don’t worry about it.

Now go to your hosting provider’s account. You have different providers such as Dreamhost, Go Daddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Namesilo and 1&1. The video tutorial shown above was recorded based on a Go Daddy account. Once there, go to your hosting control panel and look for the “DNS Settings” section (or similar) for your site’s domain.

Once there look for the Cname (Alias) option and create one for the subdomain you've created on Lander (e.g. tutorials) and remember you always need to have it point to Once you have created it you’ll see a sign that says that the propagation of the Cname can take some time, so just be patient. You'll know your domain is functioning when you see a green checkmark next to it.

Well now go back to Lander’s Account Settings, and you’ll see that now your Subdomain now turned green. That means it’s working! Finally go to your Landing page's Dashboard and select the custom domain as the URL of your Landing page. Publish this changes, and you’re all set, now your Landing Pages can be shown under your own domain!

Was that clear? Please let us know if you need any assistance setting up your custom domain writing us to