How to integrate your Landing Page with Mailchimp


From the Overall view, find your landing page and click “edit”. Once you've completed that action you’ll see the landing pages dashboard, so just scroll down to the Integrations listed and select Mailchimp from the list.

Lander and Mailchimp integration

When the Mailchimp integration opens you’ll be asked for the API Key and the List ID of the Mailchimp list that you want to feed your leads into. Don’t worry, here’s how to get that information easily:

- First, proceed to your Mailchimp account. From there go to yours Lists, choose the list you want to integrate your landing page with and go to its Settings.

Lander and Mailchimp integration - step 2

Once there, just scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the Unique ID for your Mailchimp list. Copy that number so you can paste it into Lander.

Lander and Mailchimp integration - step 3

- Next go to your Account Settings and look for Extras > API Keys.

Lander and Mailchimp - step 4

Here you’ll find your Mailchimp API Key (you can create one from there if this is the first time you use it), save that number also as you’ll need to paste it into your Mailchimp integration in Lander as well.

Lander and Mailchimp integration - step 5

Now it’s time to return to your Lander account and write or paste those numbers into your Mailchimp integration window. Once you’ve completed that action, just click Update and Your Mailchimp box should turn green. Hoooray, that means it’s working!

Lander and Mailchimp integration - step 5

After that all you have to do is to Publish your Landing Page and every new lead from your landing page form automatically becomes a new entry in your Mailchimp list. In case you want to set up the double opt-in form option, please visit this Help center post. Good luck with your Email Marketing campaign!