How to Integrate my Landing Pages with Ignite Feedback

If you have a Ignite Feedback account , you can integrate it with Lander and ask for some feedback to your Landing Page visitors.

What you’ll need to do first is enter into yourIgnite Feedback account and get your JS snippet. It should look like something like this:

<!--Please login to to change your survey behavior--> <script type='text/javascript'>window._igniter = window._igniter || []; window._igniter.push(['or-Mb2', '']);</script> <script src=' javascripts/w/1/igniter.js' async></script>


Once you have it, access the Editor of the Landing Page you want to add the survey and look for the section entitled “Page Settings”.  From there, just scroll down and look for the script section towards the bottom.

Lander +

Then, just take your copied JS snippet and paste it inside the option under “scripts” entitled “Head".

That’s the final step. Now you've added a survey to your Landing Page, so you can now start receving some feedback from your  visitors.