How to Integrate my Landing Page with Doppler

As you may know Email Marketing is still one of the most effective online method for converting your prospects into customers and clients. That’s why today we’re gonna show you how to integrate your Lander Leads with Doppler, the perfect Email Marketing Tool to use with Lander.

First of all from your Dashboard get into the section call Integration and look for Doppler button, click it. You’ll see that you must have an API Key and a ID List. So now it’s time to go to your Doppler’s account.

Once there go to your Control Panel and get into the section called “Doppler API”. You’ll see your API Key and then select the ID from the list you want to connect. Copy those numbers.

Back to Lander and paste those numbers you got before, and click on update. If the icon turns green means that the integration it’s ready and running!

Now with this integration Lander will do all the work for you by automatically pushing any new leads from your landing pages right to your Email List in your Doppler account.