How to Integrate Lander with Transifex

To get started, log in and navigate to the Transifex Dashboard. From the list of projects on the left, select (or create) the project which will store the website content you want to translate.

Next, click the Transifex Live link above the progress bar.

Transifex and Lander

Once you're in Transifex Live, enter your website URL in the URL box at the top. Transifex will automatically load a live preview of your site, highlighting the detected phrases.

Hit the Add new website button to save your domain to Transifex as a new resource for storing you site's content.

Lander and Transifex


To get your JavaScript snippet, click the Gear icon, then copy the snippet to your clipboard.


Lander and Transifex

  • Each domain you save to Transifex has a JavaScript snippet with its own unique API key.
  • After clicking the Gear icon, you will find two JavaScript snippets. One for use on your production (live) site, and one for your staging site.

Locate the Header Text Box

From within the Edit Mode of Lander for your landing page, locate the header text box on the page. You will be putting the Transifex Live code snippet here

Insert Transifex Live JavaScript Snippet

Lander and Transifex

Just paste your Transifex Live snippet into the Header Text Box, click Ok, and you are good to go.

Now that Transifex Live is embedded in your page, whenever your page is loaded in a browser, Transifex Live will automatically detect phrases for translation.