How to Integrate Lander with Hoverowl

If you have an account with Hoverowl, you can integrate this tool with Lander and see a heatmap display of your Landing Page.

After you signup for Hoverowl, you'll be redirected to the installation page after successful signup. Once there you'll see the code snippet you need to copy to add into your Landing Page.

Hoverowl integration

Now that you've copied your Hoverowl code, it's time to log into your Lander account. Once logged in, select the Landing Page where you want to include your heat-map and then click "Go to the Editor".

Edit my Landing Page

Now that you’ve accessed the editor of your Landing Page, you need to look over on the right-hand-side for a section called “Properties”. Once you find it, scroll down to the bottom to find the script section entitled “Scripts”.

Now it’s time to copy the script from Feedback Lite and paste it in the “Head” section under “Scripts”. Once you’ve successfully pasted the code snippet in that section, it’s then time to save your changes.

Lander Integration


Now you’ll need to publish or republish your Landing Page to finish this process. To do that just click “Finish” on the top right of the editor and return to the Dashboard of your Landing Page.

Then, once the dashboard opens, just click on the big green button on the top-right called “Publish” and your Landing Page integrated with Hoverowl will be ready to go live!

Publish Your Landing Page