How to Include Ptengine Tracking

If you have an account with Ptengine, you can integrate this tool with Lander and see a heatmap display of your Landing Page.

What you’ll need to do first is enter into your Ptengine account and get your Ptengine code. To get it, you need to go to your profile setting.

Once there click on the “Profile section”, and there you’ll see the tracking code. Now just copy your tracking code.

Integration: Ptengine with Lander

Once you have it, access the Editor of the Landing Page you want to add the heat map to and look for the section entitled “Page Settings”. From there, just scroll down and look for the script section towards the bottom.

Then, just take your copied Javascript Code and paste it inside the option under “scripts” entitled “Head".

Lander and Tengine

That’s the final step. Now you've added a heat map so you can now see how your visitors are interacting with your Landing Page.