How to Include a Link to Download a File

If you’re using your  Landing Page to offer your visitors an eBook or content of some kind for direct download, then this post will show you how to set that up.

Now, there are two ways you can allow for downloadable content on your landing pages.

But before you do anything, you’ll need to upload your file and host it on your website or through another service like dropbox, WordPress, or even your blog.

Basically anywhere that you can get a URL link of your content that you can copy and paste. For example, something like this here:

So, once you have your file uploaded and hosted with one of these services, copy that link because it’s time to include it on your Landing Page!  Remember, as we mentioned earlier, there’s two main ways you can do this in Lander.

Include Your File in Your Form

How to include a link to download a file

Whenever you use a form on your landing page, you always have control over what actions you want to activate from that form.

So, once you've finished customizing your form, look for a field on the left hand side of the edit your form window entitled “Action”. Click that and select “Go to URL” from the drop down menu.

Then, just paste the URL link of your downloadable file right inside that field entitled “URL”.

Once you've completed that, click “ok” and you’re all done! Now when your visitors fill out your form, they’ll be automatically directed to the URL where they can immediately download the file.

Include Your File in a Call to Action

How to include a link to download a file

You also have the ability to add a URL link for a file in a lone call-to-action button as well. Just look for “tools” where it says “basics” and drag and drop the button into the editor.

Then, just under the properties section, you’ll see an option entitled URL. Just paste the link right in there and now when your visitors click on your call to action they will be able to immediately download your file.

That’s it! As you can see adding direct downloads to Lander for your eBooks, whitepapers and sales content has never been easier!