How to Customize New Lead Email Notifications

In the event that you’re marketing landing pages to clients using your account or if you use these email to notify your superiors, you have the option to fully customize these email alerts with an image or even you or your clients own branding!

Setting this up is easy! Just open the email integration from your landing pages dashboard and customize the email. Start by including all the emails of your clients that will receive the Lead notification. NOTE - Multiple emails MUST be separated by a comma and NOT a space.

Next, just include your Name or Agency Name in the From field and then add a simple subject line. Finally, go ahead and upload a picture or your logo from your company or agency. NOTE: Remember, the recommend size is 120 x 70 pixels with a maximum file size of 500k or less.

How to Customize New Lead Email Notifications

If you don’t upload any image at all you’ll still receive these emails with Lander’s Logo.

So, once you've completed all of those steps, that’s it! To make sure, just click on the “eye” icon next to the Update button and you’ll be able to see a quick preview of your fully customized email notification. Then, if all looks good to go, just click on the Update button and the email button will once again turn green.

This means that your email integration is configured correctly and working. Now your clients or superiors will receive email alerts with an image or branding every time their Landing Pages capture a new lead.