How to Customize a Form

If you’re planning on using Landing Pages for Lead Generation you’ll inevitably need to use a form on your page right? Of course! Let’s take a look below at how to customize one in Lander.

Ok, if your template doesn't already have a form, you’ll need to go to the advanced section under “tools” and select the Form element. Just drag it and drop and then you’ll see the “edit your form” window where you’ll be able to begin the customization process.

If a form is already in the editor, just double click over it and you’ll see the window appear.

How to Customize a Lander Form

You’ll quickly notice that you can customize every aspect of a Lander form. Change the title, the subtitle, even change the form copy and the Call to Action as well.

However, depending on your campaign needs, you’ll need to choose the best action to activate from your form. These actions consist of three different options:

  • Show a Message: You can write a simple text message that visitors will see appear just under the submit button right after they complete your form. Just write the message in the field right below, entitled “Message” and that’s all.
  • Go to URL: You should choose this option if you want to send your visitors to your website, to another page, or, if you want to allow them to download something. Just add your link in the field called “URL” and it’s ready to go.
  • Confirmation Page: If you choose this option, your visitors will be redirected to your confirmation or “thank you” page as soon as they fill out the form. However, don’t forget, you’ll need to customize the confirmation page too. Not sure how? Learn how you can do that right here.

Ok, so once you've decided on the right action to activate from your form, it’s then time to decide how many, and exactly which fields your form will have.

Regarding form fields, you can include in your Lander form these 3 different options.

Text Fields

Feel free to include as many text fields as you want in your form. Once again, from the bottom left of the “edit your form” window drag the “text field” element upwards and drop it into the middle column.

Then, you’ll see that you can change the name of that field, and, you can also change the type of field it will be. For example, choose between:

  • Simple Text: You can use this selection to ask for a Name, Last Name, etc
  • Multiline Text: Use this one if you’re asking for an opinion, or if they need to type more than one line, giving them enough space to write it all down
  • Number: Just as the name implies: use it to ask people for telephone Numbers.
  • Email:  Maybe one of the most important fields, use this selection to ask your visitors for their email and start nurturing  your new subscriber database.

Also, you can choose which fields you want marked as“Required”, which means that if your visitors don’t complete that particular field, they won’t be able to submit the form.


Use this kind of field if you want your visitors to answer some kind of multiple choice question. Just add the Checkbox field to your form, change the name of the field, and then for each one of the options. This field can also be marked as “Required” or not.

Radio Buttons

This feature is similar to the checkbox option, except by choosing this one, you’re giving your visitors the ability to choose just one between multiple options.

Just like with the others, feel free to change the name of the field and the name of each option. Also, you can mark this field as required as well.

That’s pretty much it! Now it’s time to add your form into your landing page and begin your Lead Generation campaign!