How Does The 14 Day Free Trial Work?

Sign up for any of our paid plans and you’ll have 14 days to try all of Lander’s Features that come with your particular plan. During this free trial  we won’t charge you a dime and there’s no need to use you credit card because we won’t ask for it!

If you like Lander and want to continue using our service, you can upgrade once your free trial expires or if you go over the maximum monthly visitor limit of your plan.  Remember you can cancel your Lander account at any time!

Your Free Trial starts the day you select the plan you want to use and create your account. From that day forward until your 14 days are up, you’ll have access to all the features of the plan you've chosen. It’ll be the perfect time to test and try all of our features absolutely for free with no commitment. Choose the plan that best fits your immediate online marketing needs.

We’ll reach out and let you now seven days before your trial expires so you can decide whether you want to upgrade and continue or stay in read only mode.

Once your Free Trial expires, your account will then be transferred to Read Only mode. This mode will still allow you to enter into your account and access the entire platform like before. You’ll still be able to check your stats, download any leads from your Landing Pages and even perform edits or create new pages.

However, none of the Landing Pages would be able to be published live. In other words, your Landing Pages aren't going to be viewable online, nor will any of your visitors be able to see them either. So to publish any of your landing pages you’ll need to upgrade to the plan you’re currently using, or choose a smaller or bigger plan.

So, once you've started your initial free trial of any of our plans, more than likely that’s the plan you’ll be using initially through the first 14 days. Having said that, you can of course change to any other plan at any time during your free trial or even after it has expired. Whether it’s a smaller plan or a bigger one, just select the right plan for your needs by simply upgrading your account any time you want.

Please if you still have doubts about our Free Trial Mode please send us an email to, our team will contact you and help you with any question you may have.