How do I see my Published Landing Page?

How do I see my published landing page?

To reach your published Landing Page click on the option you'll see to the right of your landing page URL on each landing page dashboard (tooltip: you’ll see a message that says "See it Live!")

Keep in mind that even if you navigate your landing page many times, using the same computer and browser, Lander only counts it as one visit. Also remember that if you haven't set up a custom domain your Landing Page will be published under and this can be modified as many times as you need.

If you've published both the classic and mobile version you can see both under the same URL the difference rests in the device you use to visualize your landing page be it a computer or a mobile device.

Now that you've seen your Landing Page published it's time to share it with your audience, remember if you have any trouble seeing your Landing Page live, please contact our Support Team here.