How do I Place a Google Tracking Code?

You can integrate your Landing Page with Google analytics easily, so let’s take a look at how to do that. From the landing page’s Dashboard scroll down to the Integrations section and click on the button entitled “Analytics”. A window will pop-up and you’ll then see that you need to add your Google Analytics account number.

How do I place a Google Tracking Code?

To get your Analytics account number, just access your Google Analytics account and go to the section called “Admin”. Once there, click on “Tracking Info” and after that where it says “Tracking code.”

Then, once you've done that you’ll see the Tracking ID number in bold at the top, that’s the number that you’ll need to paste inside Lander’s integration window.

How do I place a Google Tracking Code?

We recommend to set up a new View on GA that only includes your landing pages' sub domain, in order to only track visitors to your landing pages in Lander.

However, if your prefer to just use your tracking code, you can include it in the script of your Landing Page as well. Just look for the script section in the editor of your Landing Page and copy and paste your code into the Head section.  

Now, let’s say you want to measure the effectiveness of a Google Adwords Campaign that you've launched? That means you’ll need to add a conversion Tracking Code to your landing page. To get your tracking code and to find out how to use it, visit this Google Post.

Once you have the code, go into the editor of your Confirmation Page, and on the right hand side look for “Page Settings”. Once there, scroll down and look for the script section. Now just take your copied Tracking Code and paste it under the option entitled “Head.”

How do I place a Google Tracking Code?

That’s it! Now you’ll get valuable insight on just how well your Adwords campaign is doing.