How do I Add a Script to my Landing Page?

We know that to have a complete marketing strategy you’ll need the help of other apps, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Pardot, Adroll, Facebook remarketing and more. Also, we understand that to integrate your Landing Pages with them you’ll sometimes need to include a script. So, let’s take a look at how to do just that.

How do I add a Script to my Landing Page?

Ok, so once you've got the script from the app you’re working with, access the editor of your Landing Page and look on the right-hand-side for a section called “Properties”. Once you find it, scroll down to the bottom, and there’s where you’ll find the script section.

You’ll then see three different options: one called “Head”, another called “Before Body” and the last one called “After Body”.

Now it’s time to copy the script that you already have and then paste it in the “Head” Section of your landing page. Once you successfully paste the script in that section, it’s then time to save your changes and remember, you’ll need to publish or republish your Landing Page to finish out.

Here’s a Quick Example.

Let’s say you want to measure the effectiveness of a Google Adwords Campaign that you've launched. Well that means you’ll need to add a conversion Tracking Code to your Landing Page. To get your tracking code and to find out how to use it, visit this Google Post.

Once you have the code, go into the editor of your Confirmation Page, and on the right hand side look for “Page Settings”. Once there, scroll down and look for the script section. Now just take your copied Tracking Code and paste it under the option entitled “Head.”

That’s it! Now you’ll get valuable insight on just how well your Adwords campaign is doing.

Note: This works also in case you want to add for example a Facebook Pixel, a Twitter Pixel, Google Analytics Code, Google Tag Manager, etc.