Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14 Day Free Trial work?

Lander offers you a 14 Day Free Trial on any of our plans, and we won’t even ask you for your credit card number. Test all our features and if you like our service just upgrade at the end of the trial period. Remember you can cancel at any time!

Can I choose any plan for my free trial?

Yes, you can try any of our plans for free, from the Basic to the Pro Plus Plan (worth $199/mo). Select the one that’s best for you and start testing all our features.

Can I change from one plan to another at any time?

Once you’ve started your free trial of any of our plans, that’s the plan you’ll have through the 14 days. But you can change to any other plan during your trial or after it has expired, whether it’s smaller or bigger, by upgrading your account.

What happens after the end of my free trial?

When your free trial ends your account will go into Read Only mode. Many of the features of your account will be available, like your stats, leads and the editor, but your landing pages will be unpublished. To publish your landing pages again you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version of your chosen plan, or choose a smaller or bigger plan.

Can I Cancel My Account Anytime?

Yes you can, no worries! Try all Lander’s features and if you’re not convinced you can cancel your account any time. Since we don’t ask for your credit card information we won’t charge you a dime. Forget about silly calendar alerts or reminders.

What if I Go Over my Plan’s Limits?

During your Free Trial if you exceed your visitors limit your account will turn into Read Only mode and your Landing Pages will be unpublished. You can then choose to upgrade and your Landing Page will be up and running again in no time!

What Types of Payments Do You Accept?

We accept any standard credit card: Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover Network, etc. Don’t have a credit card? Don’t worry, contact our Support Team and they’ll find a way.

What do you mean by Custom Domain?

A Custom Domain is your own personalized URL you can use on your landing pages. With custom domains you can create branded links using your organization’s own domains. Each plan allows for a different number of domains you can use, so check them out before getting started.

How Can I Upgrade to a Bigger Plan?

You can easily upgrade to one of our bigger plans at any time, to do that just get into your account settings and click on the button that says “Upgrade” next to your Information account. Then select the plan that you want to upgrade and click again on the Upgrade button.

Keep in mind that if you do the upgrade in the middle of the bidding period, your account will be added with the difference of visitors between plans and you will be charged for the difference of prices. Let’s put an example.

Imagine that you have a Basic Plan and you want to upgrade to a Professional one (25k visitors). Let’s say that before you do the upgrade you have 300 visitors left. Once you do the upgrade your account will be added with the rest of visitors to have the 25k of the Professional plan.

The same goes with the price of the plan. As you were in the Basic Plan ($29) and do the upgrade to the Professional one ($99) you only will be charge with the difference between plans, that means that you’ll be charged with $50.

Also keep in mind that the renewal date of your bid will still being the one of your first upgrade. Let’s say that you do an upgrade from your free trial in 1st September, and you do an upgrade to a bigger plan in 15th September, your renewal date will still being 1st September.

How do I modify or cancel my subscription?

To cancel your account, you just need to go to your account setting and once there look in the box where is all your account information and you’ll find the option called “Cancel Subscription”. Click on that, and then you’ll see a new window where you’ll confirm your cancellation.

Once done that your account will enter in the read only mode, and you won’t be charged anymore.

How do you count visits?

When a new visitor comes to your landing page, Lander count the visit as one and ensure that this visit see the same variant next time they return.

All times this Visitor return to your Landing Page will be counting as just one and unique visitor, as long as they still have that tracking cookie.

So, someone who visits your pages five times will be counted as one unique visitor. If a second person comes along and only visits once, that will create two unique visitor.

How Can I do a Downgrade?

In case your plan it’s being a little bigger for your traffic or campaign, you can do a downgrade to a smaller plan at any time. It’s very simple to do this, just get into your account setting, click on the button next to your Account Information.

Once there you’ll see the different plans, now just select the plan you want to downgrade and click on the button. You’ll see a new window, just confirm that you want to do the downgrade.