Account Settings

How do I Cancel my Account

To cancel your account, you just need to go to your account setting Once there look in the box where is all your account information and you’ll find the option called “Cancel Subscription”.   Click on that, and then you’ll see a new window where you’ll confirm your cancellation. Once done that your account will enter […]

How can I Downgrade my Lander account?

If your current Lander subscription is a little big for your traffic flow or campaign, you can always downgrade to a smaller plan at any time. It’s simple to do this, just access your account settings and click on the button next to your Account Information. Once there you’ll see the different plans displayed, so […]

Can I host the landing pages on my own domain?

Lander takes care of hosting all of your landing pages for you. This means that you can't host any landing pages that you create using Lander on your own server. You can, however, have your pages appear as part of your domain using our CNAME mapping feature, and we recommend you set this up. This is […]

Can I use Lander landing pages on my own website/domain?

Using Lander, integrating your landing pages with your website or domain is easy to do. In the event you have a domain with a website living there, you can set up a CNAME entry in your hosting DNS settings, enabling you to publish your landing pages live from a custom subdomain such as This […]

How to Customize New Lead Email Notifications

In the event that you’re marketing landing pages to clients using your account or if you use these email to notify your superiors, you have the option to fully customize these email alerts with an image or even you or your clients own branding! Setting this up is easy! Just open the email integration from […]

What is Lander Read Only Mode?

Once your Free Trial expires, your account will then be transferred to Read Only mode. After reading this you’re probably asking: what is Read Only mode and what does it mean? Lander Read Only mode will still allow you to enter into your account and access the entire platform like before. You’ll still be able […]

How to setup a Custom Domain

With Lander you can show your Landing Page under you own domain in a few easy steps. (Keep in mind that you can create your custom domains even being in the free trial) Lets see how to do it. First, go to your Lander's Account Settings and and look for the Add a Custom Domain […]

How to use a Promotion Code

Once you have a promo code, go to your Lander account and Click on Upgrade, on the upper right corner. Choose the plan your prefer and your promo code allows and click the Upgrade button. Now it’s a piece of cake! Just complete with your personal information: Credit Card number, Address, City, Country, etc. Last […]