How to use Dynamic Text Replacement Feature?

The Dynamic Text Replacement feature allows to match your PPC ad’s keyword dynamically with your Landing Page content. Let’s see how to start using it! Step 1. How to add Dynamic text in my Landing Page? You’ll be able to add dynamic text on your headlines, body copy and even call to actions. What you’ll […]

How Do I Duplicate Elements?

To duplicate any element, just select the element you want to duplicate and look for the option called “Duplicate”. You’ll find it on the top of the Editor, top right next to the option called Bring Forward and also the Grid option. Just click on that button and your element will be duplicated.

How do I redirect to another page after form submit?

After a form submission you have the option to activate 3 different actions with your visitors once they subscribe through your form. You can send them to a Confirmation Page, show them a Confirmation Message or, you can send them to another page if that’s your goal. To forward them from your form to another […]

How to Include a Widget Into my Landing Page

If you want to include some kind of an external widget or element into Lander, don’t worry you can of course add one of these to your Landing Page. To do this, access the editor where it says “tools” and then select “advance” and look for the element called “HTML”. Next select it and then […]

How to Include a Link to Download a File

If you’re using your  Landing Page to offer your visitors an eBook or content of some kind for direct download, then this post will show you how to set that up. Now, there are two ways you can allow for downloadable content on your landing pages. But before you do anything, you’ll need to upload […]

How to Customize a Form

If you’re planning on using Landing Pages for Lead Generation you’ll inevitably need to use a form on your page right? Of course! Let’s take a look below at how to customize one in Lander. Ok, if your template doesn't already have a form, you’ll need to go to the advanced section under “tools” and […]

How to Set Up my Landing Page’s Goal?

Once you’re inside the editor of your Landing Page, proceed to the right-hand column and select the Goals section, right next to Properties. Once there you’ll be able place a “check-mark” and set up your different goals. Remember, you have three different kind’s of goals that you can set up within your landing page at […]

How to Add a Countdown Timer?

Once you’re inside the editor of your Landing Page, click on “Advanced” under the tools’ bar and there you’ll see an option called “Timer”. As usual just drag and drop the icon into your page. Once you've completed that you’ll then need to set the date and time you want to countdown to, and also […]

How to Add a New Google Fonts?

Let's see how to add a Google font that’s not already included in your Lander font list. You’ll need just a little patience because there are some steps to follow up. Let’s take a look below to find out how. First access “Google Fonts” here https://www.google.com/fonts and select the particular font that you want to use. […]

How Can I Add a Custom Favicon on my Landing Pages?

If you like, you can add a Favicon to your Landing Page, a little image included in the Tab of your browser. Let’s take a look below and see how to set this up. First you have to upload your image and host it with your own website or another service such as dropbox, WordPress, […]

How do I Add a Script to my Landing Page?

We know that to have a complete marketing strategy you’ll need the help of other apps, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Pardot, Adroll, Facebook remarketing and more. Also, we understand that to integrate your Landing Pages with them you’ll sometimes need to include a script. So, let’s take a look at how to do just […]

How Can I Change the Background Color?

From inside the Editor of your Landing Page look for “Page Settings” and scroll down to where it says “Background”. Once there select the first element called “Color” and you’ll immediately see that you can change the color of the background of your Landing Page by easily selecting the color you want. So, just select […]

How to Upload an Image to Landing Page?

First, go to the Editor of your landing page. Once there click on the image icon from the top of toolbar and just drag and drop for the image gallery to open up allowing you to upload your image .   Once the gallery appears, select the image you want to include in your landing page and […]

How to Use the Editor: Social Tools

If you want people share your Landing Page in their Social Media or if you want to use your Landing Page to show your visitors your principal social media you’ll need to use the Social Tools of the editor. Take 2 minutes and learn how to use them. Once you’re in the Editor of your […]

How to Use the Editor: Basic Tools

You love our layouts and templates but you have some doubts using the editor? You’re not feeling confident when you want to change something in your landing page? Don’t worry, after watching this video you'll see that our editor is the easiest to use in the Universe. Let’s start by the basics, you’re gonna see […]

How to embed a Google Map into your Landing Page

With Lander’s Google Maps feature you can show your visitors exactly where to find your products, store location or the live event that you’re going to be hosting. Lander let’s you include a specific Google Map directly into any of your Landing Pages, so lets check it out below and find out how it works. […]