How do I change the URL of my Landing Page?

To change the URL of your Landing Page, you need to access the Dashboard of the landing page that you want to customize Once there, below the landing page’s name, you’ll see a URL. From there you can also add any custom domain you've configured for this landing page in the event that you have […]

How to Customize New Lead Email Notifications

In the event that you’re marketing landing pages to clients using your account or if you use these email to notify your superiors, you have the option to fully customize these email alerts with an image or even you or your clients own branding! Setting this up is easy! Just open the email integration from […]

How Can I Edit My Already Existing Page?

Once you've created your first Landing Page, to return and make future edits just Log in and you’ll see the “Overall View” of your account. From there, just look for the Landing Page you want to start working on and click on the “Edit” button as illustrated below by the red box. Once you click […]

How do I see my Published Landing Page?

To reach your published Landing Page click on the option you'll see to the right of your landing page URL on each landing page dashboard (tooltip: you’ll see a message that says "See it Live!") Keep in mind that even if you navigate your landing page many times, using the same computer and browser, Lander […]

How to Download your Leads?

On each landing page Dashboard you'll find a conversion chart with the option to download a .csv file containing all received leads. Keep in mind that this chart becomes available when visits, leads or clicks are registered. If you can't find it might be because there are not visits registered for your landing page. Lander's […]

How to Setup your Mobile Version

Have you tried looking for your Landing Page in your Smartphone or Mobile? Well if you've never created a "mobile Landing Page", your visitors might have had problems surfing your Landing Page,and that is for sure not a good User Experience. That’s why Lander let’s you create your own mobile version and increase your conversion […]

How to add a Welcome Email to your Landing Page

Lander let you to send automatically a Welcome Email to your subscribers when they complete the form. Let’s learn how to create one. From your Dashboard, go to the section named Welcome Email and click on the button you’ll see with the same name. Now you’re gonna be at the editor of this Welcome email, you […]

How to use Lander’s A/B testing tool

Lander provides an A/B testing tool for free with every account. To start testing here are the steps you must take: 1. Duplicate Variant From your Dashboard, click the little blue button on the upper right of the green circle called “100%”. When you hover over it with your cursor a little bubble will appear […]

How to setup your Confirmation Page

Get into your Dashboard and then go to your Landing Page’s editor. Once you’re there you just have to enter into the Form’s editor, you can do it by double clicking on it or by pressing the pencil. Now that you’re there you’ll see a field that says Action, there will be three different options, choose […]