Can I use Lander landing pages on my own website/domain?

Using Lander, integrating your landing pages with your website or domain is easy to do. In the event you have a domain with a website living there, you can set up a CNAME entry in your hosting DNS settings, enabling you to publish your landing pages live from a custom subdomain such as This allows your landing pages to appear at

However, if your domain has NO website living there, look for the CNAME entry "www" in your hosting DNS settings, and point it towards our domain in your hosting. This set up enables you to publish the landing page live from the root of your domain such as: which then allows your landing page to appear at as if it was actually your website.

Remember: Lander always hosts your landing pages for you - but if you do this, they’ll appear to you and your visitors as if they are published on your site. However, just as Lander hosts your landing pages permanently, you won’t be able to export the CSS or HTML of your landing pages off platform for use somewhere else.

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