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How to use Dynamic Text Replacement Feature?

The Dynamic Text Replacement feature allows to match your PPC ad’s keyword dynamically with your Landing Page content. Let’s see how to start using it! Step 1. How to add Dynamic text in my Landing Page? You’ll be able to add dynamic text on your headlines, body copy and even call to actions. What you’ll […]

How to Integrate With Namesilo

Guys from Namesilo have make it extremely simple to link your custom domain to Lander. The steps will vary based upon whether you need to register a new domain, or you already have the domain and just need to link it to Lander. The different steps for either scenario are listed below, but, in either […]

How LeadsRx Integration Works?

From now on, thanks to this integration with LeadsRx you’ll be able to see how each one of your marketing channel are performing and the overall results of all your Landing Pages.

How to Integrate my Landing Pages with Ignite Feedback

If you have a Ignite Feedback account , you can integrate it with Lander and ask for some feedback to your Landing Page visitors. What you’ll need to do first is enter into yourIgnite Feedback account and get your JS snippet. It should look like something like this: <!--Please login to to change your survey behavior--> <script type='text/javascript'>window._igniter […]

Setting Up Zapier with Lander

Looking to integrate your favorite apps with Lander? Look no further, Zapier is here to save the day. Zapier requires no development knowledge to connect software such as CRMs, project management platforms, marketing automation platforms, and more. Your heavy hitting landing pages made with Lander can now hit even harder with little effort. The following […]

How to Integrate Decibel Insight With my Landing Pages?

If you have an account with Decibel Insight, you can integrate this tool with Lander and see a heatmap display of your Landing Page. What you’ll need to do first is enter into your Decibel Insight account and get your heat map Javascript code. Once you have it, access the Editor of the Landing Page you […]

How to Integrate Your Landing Pages With Route

Let’s see how to integrate your Lander account with Route. First you’ll need to access your Lander account and select the landing page you want to integrate with Route. If you have more than one landing page, repeat everything for each one of them. Under "Integrations" choose "Webhook" and select JSON as "Data Format". Get […]

How to Integrate Lander with

Let's learn how to incorporate live chat into your Landing Pages. Just follow these simple steps and the integration will be ready in just minutes. 1. Sign up for free at 2. Verify Your Email Address and then Log into the dashboard 3. You will be greeted with the Install Wizard. […]

Integrate Lander With Convert Experiments

Convert Experiments offers seamless integration with Lander. Having a solid integration and giving you access to multivariate testing on your preferred landing-page platform “Lander” is important.

How to Integrate Lander with Ticket tailor

Let's see how to include your Ticket tailor widget into your Landing Pages. Getting Ticket tailor To sell tickets for a single event you’ll first need to select your event. Then under Events select Website embed codes. To sell tickets to all the events in your box office, select Box office setup and click Website embed […]

How to Include a Pinterest Widget into Your Landing Page

If you want to include a Pinterest button into your Landing Page, first you'll need to go here Once there you'll see that you can create the "Pin it" button, the "Follow" button and three different formats of the "Pinterest Widget". Once you finish to create the one you want click on the "Build it!" button […]

Integrate Lander with Bablic

If you have an account with Bablic, you can integrate this tool with Lander and include another language into your Landing Page. First you'll need to log into your Bablic account and include your Landing Page URL, once you finish to the edit your translation you'll get your code. As you can see the image […]

How to Integrate Lander with Hoverowl

If you have an account with Hoverowl, you can integrate this tool with Lander and see a heatmap display of your Landing Page. After you signup for Hoverowl, you'll be redirected to the installation page after successful signup. Once there you'll see the code snippet you need to copy to add into your Landing Page. […]

Integrate Lander with CustomerIcare

Let's see how to incorporate CustomerIcare live chat into your Landing Page. Adding the CustomerIcare code Log in to your CustomerIcare account and go to the “Customize tab". Then click “Install and Integrate” (first icon in orange) and click on the item called “Copy the code and place it on your site”. Now you need […]

How to Include Ptengine Tracking

Learn how to integrate your Landing Page with Ptengine. Thanks to this integration you'll be able to see a heatmap display of your Landing Page.

How to Integrate Lander with Transifex

To get started, log in and navigate to the Transifex Dashboard. From the list of projects on the left, select (or create) the project which will store the website content you want to translate. Next, click the Transifex Live link above the progress bar. Once you're in Transifex Live, enter your website URL in the […]

How Do I Integrate Lander With AWeber?

Let’s see how you can automatically forward your subscribers into your AWeber mailing list once they've been captured through your Lander landing page form. First, Log In to your Lander account, and click “edit” opening the Dashboard of the Landing Page you want to integrate with Aweber. Once there, just scroll down and look for […]

How to Integrate my Landing Page with Constant Contact

Read below and find out how you can forward any contacts captured on your landing pages into your Constant Contact email lists. First access the Dashboard of the Landing Page that you want to integrate with. Once your in, scroll down and look for the “Integration” section, and click on the Constant Constant button. Once […]

How do I Cancel my Account

To cancel your account, you just need to go to your account setting Once there look in the box where is all your account information and you’ll find the option called “Cancel Subscription”.   Click on that, and then you’ll see a new window where you’ll confirm your cancellation. Once done that your account will enter […]

How to Integrate Lander with Feedback Lite

Below are some directions regarding adding a Feedbacklite widget into your Landing Page in 4 simple steps. Step 1. Select Your Feedback Lite Code First, log into your Feedback Lite account and open the Campaigns menu from your dashboard's navigation. Next select the feedback campaign you would like to use on your Lander landing page, […]

How to add a Custom Domain in your Dreamhost account

First, access your Lander Account Settings and look for the Add a Custom Domain section. Next, write down the domain or subdomain you want to add (e.g. in this case we’ll name our subdomain “tutorials”) and click on Add Domain. When you click there, you’ll see that the new domain will turn yellow, don’t worry, […]

How to add a Custom Domain in your HostGator account

Setting this up will be simple, you’ll see! First, access your Lander Account Settings and look for the Add a Custom Domain section. Now, in that field, type in the domain or subdomain you want to add (in this case we’ll name our subdomain “tutorials”) and click on Add Domain. After you click, you’ll see […]

How can I Downgrade my Lander account?

If your current Lander subscription is a little big for your traffic flow or campaign, you can always downgrade to a smaller plan at any time. It’s simple to do this, just access your account settings and click on the button next to your Account Information. Once there you’ll see the different plans displayed, so […]

How to Integrate my Landing Page with Marketo

This post will show you how to integrate your Lander landing page form with your Marketo account so you can send your new leads captured on Lander to your email lists in Marketo automatically. Ok, let’s get started! First, you need to access the Dashboard of the Landing Page you want to integrate with Marketo. […]

Integrate Your Landing Page With VerticalResponse

If you have an account with the Email Marketing platform, VerticalResponse, this post will show you how to easily integrate your Lander landing page forms so you can send leads captured on Lander to your email lists in VerticalResponse. Ok, let’s get started! First, you need to access the Dashboard of the Landing Page you […]

How can I integrate Crazy Egg with my landing page?

If you have an account with Crazy Egg, you can integrate this tool with Lander and see a heatmap display of your Landing Page. What you’ll need to do first is enter into your Crazy Egg account and get your Crazy Egg heat map Javascript code. Once you have it, access the Editor of the […]

How do I change the URL of my Landing Page?

To change the URL of your Landing Page, you need to access the Dashboard of the landing page that you want to customize Once there, below the landing page’s name, you’ll see a URL. From there you can also add any custom domain you've configured for this landing page in the event that you have […]

How Do I Duplicate Elements?

To duplicate any element, just select the element you want to duplicate and look for the option called “Duplicate”. You’ll find it on the top of the Editor, top right next to the option called Bring Forward and also the Grid option. Just click on that button and your element will be duplicated.

How do I redirect to another page after form submit?

After a form submission you have the option to activate 3 different actions with your visitors once they subscribe through your form. You can send them to a Confirmation Page, show them a Confirmation Message or, you can send them to another page if that’s your goal. To forward them from your form to another […]

How do I add a conversion tracker code from Facebook?

If you’re running some Facebook ads, you may want to include the Facebook Pixel into your Landing Pages. Let’s see how to do it. First you’ll need to create the Conversion Pixel, to do that get into your ads manager, and then look for the option called Conversion Tracking, once there just click where it […]

Adding Google AdWords Conversion Tracking to your Landing Page

In the event you’re running a Google Adwords campaign, you’ll need to monitor the performance of your campaign every step of the way. To achieve that, you can easily add a Google Adwords conversion tracking code to any Landing Page you create with Lander. First, you’ll need to get your tracking code from your adwords […]

Can I host the landing pages on my own domain?

Lander takes care of hosting all of your landing pages for you. This means that you can't host any landing pages that you create using Lander on your own server. You can, however, have your pages appear as part of your domain using our CNAME mapping feature, and we recommend you set this up. This is […]

Can I use Lander landing pages on my own website/domain?

Using Lander, integrating your landing pages with your website or domain is easy to do. In the event you have a domain with a website living there, you can set up a CNAME entry in your hosting DNS settings, enabling you to publish your landing pages live from a custom subdomain such as This […]

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14 Day Free Trial work? Lander offers you a 14 Day Free Trial on any of our plans, and we won’t even ask you for your credit card number. Test all our features and if you like our service just upgrade at the end of the trial period. Remember you can cancel […]

How to Include a Widget Into my Landing Page

If you want to include some kind of an external widget or element into Lander, don’t worry you can of course add one of these to your Landing Page. To do this, access the editor where it says “tools” and then select “advance” and look for the element called “HTML”. Next select it and then […]

How to publish my Landing Page on Facebook

If you want to create your own Facebook tab, this post will show you how to do it in 4 simple steps: 1. Integrate your account with Facebook 2. Select your Fan Page 3. Write your Facebook Tab title and upload an image 4. Publish it! First you’ll need to access the dashboard of the […]

How to Include a Link to Download a File

If you’re using your  Landing Page to offer your visitors an eBook or content of some kind for direct download, then this post will show you how to set that up. Now, there are two ways you can allow for downloadable content on your landing pages. But before you do anything, you’ll need to upload […]

How to Customize a Form

If you’re planning on using Landing Pages for Lead Generation you’ll inevitably need to use a form on your page right? Of course! Let’s take a look below at how to customize one in Lander. Ok, if your template doesn't already have a form, you’ll need to go to the advanced section under “tools” and […]

How to Customize New Lead Email Notifications

In the event that you’re marketing landing pages to clients using your account or if you use these email to notify your superiors, you have the option to fully customize these email alerts with an image or even you or your clients own branding! Setting this up is easy! Just open the email integration from […]

How to Set Up my Landing Page’s Goal?

Once you’re inside the editor of your Landing Page, proceed to the right-hand column and select the Goals section, right next to Properties. Once there you’ll be able place a “check-mark” and set up your different goals. Remember, you have three different kind’s of goals that you can set up within your landing page at […]

How to Add a Countdown Timer?

Once you’re inside the editor of your Landing Page, click on “Advanced” under the tools’ bar and there you’ll see an option called “Timer”. As usual just drag and drop the icon into your page. Once you've completed that you’ll then need to set the date and time you want to countdown to, and also […]

How to Add a New Google Fonts?

Let's see how to add a Google font that’s not already included in your Lander font list. You’ll need just a little patience because there are some steps to follow up. Let’s take a look below to find out how. First access “Google Fonts” here and select the particular font that you want to use. […]

How can I See my Published Landing Page?

Once you've finished creating your Landing Page, save any changes and click on the finish button located in the right top section of the editor. Once you've clicked Finish, you’ll be redirected back to your Dashboard. Then it’s time to publish your Landing Page, so just click on the green button and it’s officially live […]

How Can I Add a Custom Favicon on my Landing Pages?

If you like, you can add a Favicon to your Landing Page, a little image included in the Tab of your browser. Let’s take a look below and see how to set this up. First you have to upload your image and host it with your own website or another service such as dropbox, WordPress, […]

How do I Add a Script to my Landing Page?

We know that to have a complete marketing strategy you’ll need the help of other apps, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, Pardot, Adroll, Facebook remarketing and more. Also, we understand that to integrate your Landing Pages with them you’ll sometimes need to include a script. So, let’s take a look at how to do just […]

How do I Place a Google Tracking Code?

You can integrate your Landing Page with Google analytics easily, so let’s take a look at how to do that. From the landing page’s Dashboard scroll down to the Integrations section and click on the button entitled “Analytics”. A window will pop-up and you’ll then see that you need to add your Google Analytics account […]

How Can I Change the Background Color?

From inside the Editor of your Landing Page look for “Page Settings” and scroll down to where it says “Background”. Once there select the first element called “Color” and you’ll immediately see that you can change the color of the background of your Landing Page by easily selecting the color you want. So, just select […]

How Can I Edit My Already Existing Page?

Once you've created your first Landing Page, to return and make future edits just Log in and you’ll see the “Overall View” of your account. From there, just look for the Landing Page you want to start working on and click on the “Edit” button as illustrated below by the red box. Once you click […]

Integrate your Landing Page with E-goi

To automatically send your leads to your E-goi list you will need just two things: the API Key and your Email List ID. Go into your E-goi account and once there place your cursor over your Account Settings, and then click on the Integrations option.   There you’ll see your API Access Key, copy that […]

How Does The 14 Day Free Trial Work?

Sign up for any of our paid plans and you’ll have 14 days to try all of Lander’s Features that come with your particular plan. During this free trial  we won’t charge you a dime and there’s no need to use you credit card because we won’t ask for it! If you like Lander and […]

What is Lander Read Only Mode?

Once your Free Trial expires, your account will then be transferred to Read Only mode. After reading this you’re probably asking: what is Read Only mode and what does it mean? Lander Read Only mode will still allow you to enter into your account and access the entire platform like before. You’ll still be able […]

How to Set up Mailchimp’s Double Opt-in Feature

Once you’ve integrated Lander with your Mailchimp account (check out this post if you haven’t done it yet) you’ll be able to set up a double opt-in subscription process. If this feature is activated your leads will receive an email to confirm their subscription before they are added to your Mailchimp list. To activate this […]

How do I see my Published Landing Page?

To reach your published Landing Page click on the option you'll see to the right of your landing page URL on each landing page dashboard (tooltip: you’ll see a message that says "See it Live!") Keep in mind that even if you navigate your landing page many times, using the same computer and browser, Lander […]

How to Upload an Image to Landing Page?

First, go to the Editor of your landing page. Once there click on the image icon from the top of toolbar and just drag and drop for the image gallery to open up allowing you to upload your image .   Once the gallery appears, select the image you want to include in your landing page and […]

How to Download your Leads?

On each landing page Dashboard you'll find a conversion chart with the option to download a .csv file containing all received leads. Keep in mind that this chart becomes available when visits, leads or clicks are registered. If you can't find it might be because there are not visits registered for your landing page. Lander's […]

How to integrate PayPal with my Landing Pages

Thanks to our new Integration with PayPal, now you’ll be able to build your E-Commerce Landing Page easily and quickly. Let’s see how to set these up below. Once inside the editor of your Landing Page, just click on the Advanced tools section and select the PayPal element. Of course, like always with our Editor, […]

How to Use the Editor: Social Tools

If you want people share your Landing Page in their Social Media or if you want to use your Landing Page to show your visitors your principal social media you’ll need to use the Social Tools of the editor. Take 2 minutes and learn how to use them. Once you’re in the Editor of your […]

How to Integrate my Landing Page with Doppler

As you may know Email Marketing is still one of the most effective online method for converting your prospects into customers and clients. That’s why today we’re gonna show you how to integrate your Lander Leads with Doppler, the perfect Email Marketing Tool to use with Lander. First of all from your Dashboard get into […]

How to Use the Editor: Basic Tools

You love our layouts and templates but you have some doubts using the editor? You’re not feeling confident when you want to change something in your landing page? Don’t worry, after watching this video you'll see that our editor is the easiest to use in the Universe. Let’s start by the basics, you’re gonna see […]

How to Setup your Mobile Version

Have you tried looking for your Landing Page in your Smartphone or Mobile? Well if you've never created a "mobile Landing Page", your visitors might have had problems surfing your Landing Page,and that is for sure not a good User Experience. That’s why Lander let’s you create your own mobile version and increase your conversion […]

How to embed a Google Map into your Landing Page

With Lander’s Google Maps feature you can show your visitors exactly where to find your products, store location or the live event that you’re going to be hosting. Lander let’s you include a specific Google Map directly into any of your Landing Pages, so lets check it out below and find out how it works. […]

How to integrate your Landing Page with your Email

Lander allows you to integrate any email with your Landing Page so every time you capture a new lead through one of your forms, you’ll receive an email in your mailbox with all of the form data on that lead. So, let’s get it set up! First, open your landing pages Dashboard and scroll down […]

How to setup a Custom Domain

With Lander you can show your Landing Page under you own domain in a few easy steps. (Keep in mind that you can create your custom domains even being in the free trial) Lets see how to do it. First, go to your Lander's Account Settings and and look for the Add a Custom Domain […]

How to add a Welcome Email to your Landing Page

Lander let you to send automatically a Welcome Email to your subscribers when they complete the form. Let’s learn how to create one. From your Dashboard, go to the section named Welcome Email and click on the button you’ll see with the same name. Now you’re gonna be at the editor of this Welcome email, you […]

How to use Lander’s A/B testing tool

Lander provides an A/B testing tool for free with every account. To start testing here are the steps you must take: 1. Duplicate Variant From your Dashboard, click the little blue button on the upper right of the green circle called “100%”. When you hover over it with your cursor a little bubble will appear […]

How to integrate your Landing Page with Mailchimp

  From the Overall view, find your landing page and click “edit”. Once you've completed that action you’ll see the landing pages dashboard, so just scroll down to the Integrations listed and select Mailchimp from the list. When the Mailchimp integration opens you’ll be asked for the API Key and the List ID of the […]

How to setup your Confirmation Page

Get into your Dashboard and then go to your Landing Page’s editor. Once you’re there you just have to enter into the Form’s editor, you can do it by double clicking on it or by pressing the pencil. Now that you’re there you’ll see a field that says Action, there will be three different options, choose […]

How to use a Promotion Code

Once you have a promo code, go to your Lander account and Click on Upgrade, on the upper right corner. Choose the plan your prefer and your promo code allows and click the Upgrade button. Now it’s a piece of cake! Just complete with your personal information: Credit Card number, Address, City, Country, etc. Last […]

The Overall View page, a quick walkthrough

Lander’s overall view gives you a quick idea of your landing pages, including: Your visitors counter: Click on the upper right clock to see how many you have used as well as how many you have left, and in case you want it, you can perform an upgrade. Create a new landing page: click on […]

How to create first Landing Page

Lander lets you create beautiful landing pages following a simple step-by-step process. Watch the video tutorial see how easily you can design and publish your first landing page in just minutes.