Conversion Optimisation

Zoom Past 2018: Top Proven Conversion Optimization Tips

If you have always had thoughts about optimising and increasing the rate of conversion, then you are in the right place.

According to Hellostepchange,  if you increase conversion across 100 factors by 1%, that compounds to a 270% improvement in overall conversions, without spending anything more on marketing.

Before we dive into the best conversion optimisation tips we have for you, here is one for you to start with - Fresh Landing Page designs and quality content improve conversion rates.

Clean and appealing landing pages are crucial for conversions. Experts have always followed this technique - speak in terms of a completed sale, to direct your customer, paint a picture with words in their mind on how they are likely to benefit from the purchase of your product or service, what they are likely to receive, what problems they are facing are getting solved. The language needs to be future-oriented.

To achieve this, you need to stay relevant with trends and design luring landing page. When it comes to landing pages, we know CTAs are one of the most important parts. So, write your CTAs using action-oriented content and keep them prominent so nobody can miss seeing one.

According to Hellostepchange,  this tactic can increase conversions by 94%.

Keep it simple and straight to build trust

Your visitors, prospects or customers must feel confident about the site navigation. Always keep the design theme simple. Never put testimonials without faces as there is no better way to add value than incorporating a human face. According to research, reviews and testimonials improve conversion rates by 35%. It is likely that one customer trusts another customer than the person who is selling the product.

Put up the best reviews you have

Reviews and testimonials always give prospects detailed and unbiased information from those who have already experienced your products and services. At the same time, the reviews and testimonials need to be genuine and captured in simple English, which can be understood by everybody, or in a language that your target audience prefers. At the end of the day, these are your band advocates, so make sure they are speaking the language which makes a difference to those passing through the initial stage of the funnel.

Revamp your pricing page and home page

Keep the pricing pages clean, simple and clear. The text must be read by the customers easily. Ensure that the pricing pages doesn't have unnecessary information that can make the customer get frustrated and they end up losing track of the important information. Have good quality images, which are relevant across all pages of the website and make sure they are up-to-date. This can better the conversion rate by three times.

Revision’ - the key to any creative process

If you want to optimise your conversions, revise the following:

Site flow
Discard all the unnecessary fields and don’t ask for more customer information than required. Ask yourself if  you really need the CVV of their credit cards, even though they haven't made a purchase. There have been instances where companies have tried revising this, reduced their 11-field form to 4 fields, and that increased their conversions by 160%. This is an amazing example to follow!

Make CTA buttons look like a candy
We have read a lot of case studies that say red color CTAs are better than green ones and so on. But this really does not mean you must use the red color CTA to improve conversions. You must see which color highlights itself better on the background color of your web page in terms of the contrast.

Use quality Security seals of the trusted party

Badges are like word of mouth advertising online. In case your business happens to have some great reviews on 'Trust Pilot', you can just get in touch with them to add that widget to your website. For example, Express Watches added ‘Trust pilot’ issues and witnessed a 58.29% lift in their sales. You can also boast about reviews from Glassdoor, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau to enhance trust. The security seals can be quite expensive but are bound to reduce anxiety among consumers.

4. Proof of authenticity
What distinguishes you from your competitors? What is your USP? What is your edge over them? Think about these points  and use this information to optimise your conversion efforts. If you are not doing anything different from your competitors, you won’t be able to claim authenticity of your products or services.

When you take care of improving clarity, reducing distractions, and increasing urgency, you are likely to increase conversions.