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5 Key YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Video

Youtube has now become the trending source to gather more and more traffic. It is the second biggest search engine after the Google.

Statistics prove that there are more than 100 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute.

This shows how popular Youtube has become now. So, in the race of to be on the top of the chart online to sell the services and products, it is important to be now uploading the videos showing your business to convince the audience.

But, just uploading the video on Youtube is not enough. It will not bring like and hits. There is a great amount of work involved to upload a video and get likes in return.

Here we are going to share some the tips to optimize the video on Youtube to get crawled by search engines and rank better on the Google:

Youtube SEO #1: Keyword Rich Title


YouTube SEO


The very first requirement to optimize the video is to add keyword to the title. The keyword research must be done thoroughly and the relevant keywords must be curated.

The title of the video should contain relevant keywords so that it shows up when a reader searches for something.

Youtube SEO #2: Long Description


The description of the video should be as long as possible and should have keywords in it to rank better. The first 2 lines of the description are generally shown with the video & hence, it is important to write them carefully.

Keywords which are relevant must be added to the whole description but most importantly to the starting lines of the description.

Adding keywords to the description of the videos let the Google search engines crawl and rank it. This is the only way to rank better on the Google and other search engines.

Youtube SEO #3: Use Closed Caption (CC) Feature


Closed Caption feature must be used in the video as it has some really good benefits. This will make the text appear over the video.

This helps viewers to understand what is in the video. Also, upload the transcript of the video. The transcript helps the users to read what is said in the video.

Also, using CC feature helps the video in getting indexed by the search engines as it has keywords in it.

Youtube SEO #4: Encourage Audience to Subscribe and Like



YouTube SEO


As Youtube does not support back-links, subscribing and liking is the only option left to let Youtube know that you have a good video.

Asking the viewer in the end of the video to subscribe, line and comment is a good way to achieve the same. These are the signals to Youtube that a particular video is being liked by the audience.

A strong Call to Action at the end of video is recommended and implemented by most of the Youtubers who are a big hit at the present.

Youtube SEO #5: Quality Content


The content of the video which you are uploading should be of great quality. Readers only like to watch the content which is original and informative.

The video should not be made keeping in mind profit to be earned but it should be interactive so that the users like it. This liking will lead them to try out the services or products you are wanting them to do.

So, the content in the video must be made keeping the users interest in focus.

All the youtube SEO tips mentioned above are tried and tested. Try implementing them while uploading your video and see the difference for yourself.

Don’t forget- visual effect always last longer than any other effect. So, take the full advantage of this platform which has now become a boon for the online marketers.