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YouTube PPC: Benefits of Video Advertising for Small Businesses

YouTube PPC Ads: The consumption of visual content has greatly increased in the recent years. Visual content informs the consumers about a particular information in an interesting and exciting way, making the whole process entertaining and memorable.

YouTube PPC is one of the most powerful campaign tools available in the market for visual promotions.

Types of YouTube PPC Ads


There are several formats of YouTube ads for computers or mobile devices that you can use to promote your business. These include:

True View Skippable Video Ads

YouTube PPC

In this format, the ads are played before, during and after the video. Viewers are given the option to skip the ad after five seconds or continue watching the advert.

Using the TrueView ad helps you to capture the attention of your audience and give them the feeling that you are not trying too much to sell your products or services.

The viewer has the option to watch the ad or skip it altogether and concentrate on the original video.

TrueView ads are charged on a cost per view basis depending on the audience you want your ad to target.

YouTube provides you with several targeting options to choose from such as topic, locations, key phrases, placements, and categories.

To make the TrueView ad more effective, provide great and valuable content that grabs your viewers’ attention early enough and encourage them to continue watching the ad to the end.

Pre-roll Non-Skippable Video Ads


The audience must watch these types of ads before viewing the original video. This simply means that these ads do not provide the audience with the option of skipping the ad if they wish to.

The non-skippable ads are pay per view ads but are relatively cheaper than the skippable ads. They are more appropriate for start-up businesses.

Bumper Video Ads

YouTube PPC

These are charged on a cost per view basis but are relatively cheaper than the TrueView ads. They are non-skippable and the viewers must watch the ad for 6 seconds before they can view the original video that they searched for.

It is possible to incorporate an optimized click-through on your bumper ads.

Bumper video ads are useful if you intend to increase awareness about your brand or if you want to build a specific brand image.

Sponsored Cards


These ads display products or services that are related to the content featured in the video that the user searched.

The audience has the option of clicking the icon located at the top-right corner of the video to browse the cards.

You can use the sponsored cards to promote your products as well as earn some extra cash for your business.

Benefits of YouTube Advertising for Small Businesses


You must be wondering if it is really necessary to invest your resources in YouTube ads considering the fact that there are other free online platforms to showcase your products and services. Are YouTube PPC ads really worth the salt?

Below are the benefits of advertising on YouTube:

Big Market Base


YouTube commands 1.3 billion active users who make up to one-third of all the internet users.

On average, these users view 5 billion videos on a daily basis. The number is not expected to slow down in the near future.

The large market on YouTube provides you with a wide range of audience to showcase your products and convince them to buy.

The stiff competition should not discourage you. Make sure that you provide unique and original content to stand out from the crowd and keep your viewers hooked to your content.



YouTube PPC ads provide you with many targeting options to choose from. These include targets such as:

• Topic- This refers to the subject of your video ad.

• Demographics-Which includes the age and sex of the audience.

• Key phrases-This refers to the specific keywords related to the ad for easy searching.

• Category-This is what interest the audience.

Conducting a user targeted campaign reduces the cost of the campaign, thereby giving you maximum returns on your investment.



Various studies show that YouTube users spend more time on the platform compared to the users on the other social media platforms.

This is great news for start-ups that are looking for ways to increase attention and traffic to their ads.



YouTube PPC ads are more measurable compared to the television ads. It is possible to track the success of your ad on YouTube by keeping and analyzing records of clicks.

Information such as where the viewers learned about your products or services, the time when the viewers stopped watching your ad, and when people watched the ad more often are all useful in tailoring your ad to make it more effective. You can get all this information using the YouTube analytics tools.



With YouTube ads, you pay per video view. This means that you will not pay for ads that are not viewed.

Viewers are given the option of watching the ad or skipping it after 5 seconds if the ad doesn’t interest them. If they successfully click the ‘’skip ad’’ button, the placement will be free.

The cost per view ranges between 0.10$ and 0.30$ depending on factors such as the quality of your ad, the targeting and the goal of your campaign. This is very little compared to the benefits of YouTube ads.

Shortcomings of Advertising your Products on YouTube


While the YouTube ad is highly recommended, it has a few disadvantages that are worth considering before investment. The disadvantages include:


YouTube PPC

Conducting a targeted YouTube campaign is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. It is difficult to tailor your content to a specific audience since most of the YouTube users choose the categories of the videos to watch.

Targeting campaign may also make it difficult to engage with the prospects who are yet to decide whether they should use your products or not.

You need to conduct a background research about your audience and all the prospects and provide content that addresses their problems. This will ensure that you don’t leave out any potential client.



There is no guarantee that your ad will play the audio in a particular preferred order. You are handicapped when it comes to selecting the videos that your ad will play before, during and after the original video limiting the effectiveness of the targeting campaign.

To negate this, you can use the bumper video ad format or the sponsored ads to ensure that your ads are played before viewing the actual video to enhance targeting campaign with some sense of organization and relevancy in the ad.



YouTube PPC ads have many benefits for the growth of your business. The shortcomings are few and can be easily dealt with for maximum effectiveness.

Choose an ad type that will help you to achieve your campaign goal using minimum effort and resources.

Video marketing is the current big thing in the recent times and you should not be left behind in this goldmine.

At Lander, we have a team of dedicated and experienced staff that will help you create the best YouTube ad content for maximum traffic creation and lead generation for your business.