YouTube Landing Page

Key Elements of a Converting YouTube Landing Page

Currently, every internet user is obsessed with video content. Most people spend most of their time watching videos online than they do working.

You find that the video content uploaded online is actually three times that which is created by TV networks and most of the people prefer watching the online one.

It is actually easy to start creating your own video content for your brand thanks to DIY tools and numerous online video platforms.

You can create an amazing video that gives you a lot of conversions as long as you follow the right procedure.

Many social platforms allow marketers to capitalize on video content but most people still use and appreciate YouTube which is the original video network.

YouTube has over one billion users who watch hundreds of millions of videos daily. These users will watch an average of 40 minutes of video on their mobiles and consequently generate billions of views for the network.

Almost 50% of consumers have attested to YouTube assisting them to make a purchasing decision at least once in a month.

Today the “how to” searches have increased tremendously thus making YouTube an important marketing network. More marketers can actually be more successful using less glamorous video types.

These include:

Customer testimonial that shows the prospect how beneficial your product can be.

• Uploading on-demand product demonstration videos that show the user how the product works.

• Explainer and tutorial videos which give the prospect step-by-step instructions on how to do something or use a product.

• Thought leader interviews.

• Project reviews and case studies which show how a product was made step by step and its effects.

• Live and on-demand webinars.

Video blogs where you get a blogger to promote your product to his/her viewers.

• Event videos that are helpful in showcasing the services a business offers and how other people interacted with products from a particular company.

Most marketers are using YouTube landing pages to influence user actions.

What is a YouTube landing page?


This is a web page that is standalone and uses persuasive elements to convince its prospects to convert on an offer.

These elements include benefit-oriented copy, testimonials, and social proof. The users after clicking on a promotional link on YouTube will land on the marketer’s page.

The need for YouTube landing pages has been necessitated by the popularity of video marketing.

Driving traffic from YouTube


YouTube Landing Page


In order for a prospect to reach a landing page, he/she has to first click on a promotional link created by your company. The important thing is to know where to place these CTA links on YouTube Landing Page.

YouTube Landing Page #1: In the video description


Users are allowed to add a video description with each video posted on YouTube. This is the perfect place to place a link to your landing page as most of the viewers will be able to locate it.

YouTube Landing Page #2: YouTube Annotations

Annotations allow you to create areas in your video where the viewers can click to navigate to your landing page.

The newer version is using YouTube cards which allow you to create a small image within your video that allows the viewers to access your landing page just by clicking on it.

YouTube Landing Page #3: YouTube Ads


With the attention of today’s audience shifting to online videos, it has become necessary for advertisers to shift most of their ad focus to YouTube which owns 38% share of online video ad spend.

There are many ways to advertise on YouTube which include bumpers, pre-roll ads, banners etc. and they can also be used to drive traffic to your landing page.

YouTube Landing Page #4: Display URLs


These links are not clickable on YouTube but are essential in reminding your viewers where they can go to claim your offer.

How to create a YouTube Landing Page

YouTube Landing Page


You should make sure that your YouTube landing page is not connected to your website by navigation from any links shared on the page.

The landing page should also feature the following:

• A headline that talks about your unique selling proposition


Ensure that you communicate exactly what your viewers will gain if they convert on your offer. Ensure that you don’t put too much emphasis on your service or product but focus more on the benefits it provides.

• Engaging media to grab user attention


You can tell your prospect how the product you are offering will transform their lives using a hero image or you can give them a tutorial on how to use it using a short video.

• Bulleted, benefit-oriented text to explain your offer


Ensure that you clearly explain the benefits of the offer you are giving to your prospects using short paragraphs and bullet lists.

Most of the people who visit your landing page are there for a purpose, so please don’t waste their time if you want to convince them to convert.

• Testimonials that boost trust


YouTube Landing Page


You should get quotes from people who have already used your product and how it benefited them. The quotes should contain full names, titles and company names. The more real the testimonials are the more trustworthy they will be.

• Social proof to showcase your popularity


You should upload your authority badges, company logos of your clients and counters displaying the number of people using your product so as to show prospects that you are an expert in your field.

• A compelling CTA to drive users to click


Do not use the normal CTAs that are used by everyone, be unique and come up with something else that is preferably in the first person and action-oriented.

You can even go that extra mile to make the CTA benefit-oriented which will entice the prospect more to click on it.

• Contact information in case your prospects need to contact you


You can upload the address, email address and phone number of your company on your landing page.

You can also make this information click to contact so as to make it even easier for your prospects to get in touch with you.

• A minimalist footer that won’t distract your visitors


On the footer, you should ensure you only put terms and conditions and copyright information if you have to put something.

Do not add any more content or graphics which might distract the user from the task of making a conversion on your landing page.

• Test your landing page


YouTube Landing Page


You should test different aspects of your landing page such as headline, hyperlinked logo, CTA, navigation links, clickable logos, page background, testimonials and copy so as to know which content the viewers reacted to better.

This will ensure that the final landing page you upload for your prospects will generate traffic and increase conversion rates.

If you have not created a YouTube landing page for your business, you are paces behind and need to do it now. It will help you boost you conversion rates and ultimately your sales and revenue.

You can use Landerapp to create your own professional looking YouTube landing page. Video content is dependable for customer conversion and there is no better video content medium than YouTube, and every business deserves to use this as a tool for targeting customers, getting leads and converting these to tangible sales.