Real Estate Landing Page

Your Weekly Inspiration: Real Estate Landing Page

The web traffic which reaches a real estate landing page tends to bounce, in spite of real estate businesses spending a lot of budget and time into marketing efforts.


So, what could be the problem?


Don’t you think if the traffic is bouncing off, there might be a disconnect with the advertisement and the landing page that it is leading the prospect to it?


In most cases, yes.


Say, you are targeting newlywed couples who are willing to make their first real estate investment. The ad, tailor-made to target couples who are seeking out answers to specific questions about real estate, ideally should have a high conversion rate.


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But, when they land on a page that is not giving them the exact answers which they were looking for, there is a disconnect between the advertisement and the real estate page they land on. They are not looking for generic answers or an overview of your real estate services, they are usually looking for specifics  


Let us look at the channels that have the ability to attract the attention of a prospect when you put out a clear message:


Organic search: when users use the search engine in an attempt to search an answer to a question, they will be lead to your site if you have created relatable content with SEO in mind.


Social Media: This channel works on timely insights. When you give timely insights to people on social media, they are more likely to follow you and visit your site.


Paid Ads: Here, you will create engaging marketing materials tailor-made to social channels like Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram, etc to catch the attention of browsers and nudge them through the sales funnel.


So, where can a prospect explore, interact and convert without losing interest in your real estate offering? - On a  real estate landing page, with high-quality relevant images and content that leads him or her to a call to action.


If you want the landing page to completely work in your favor, keep the below-mentioned things in mind:


Be upfront about what you are about to offer


When a prospect lands on your page, they must be able to clearly understand what value addition you are making in their lives and what is the offer you are giving on your product or service.


Have minimalistic design


Don’t create overwhelming landing pages by using a giant font of texts. Let ‘above the fold’ portion be simple and clear with white spaces formatted appropriately. Tailor-make content in such a way that the prospect who lands on the page wants to know more by clicking on the CTA.


Testimonials matter


All complete landing pages will have testimonies that explain the visitor the value you have brought to the people already using your product or service. When the prospects read this, they will have a picture of what you are capable of. Add accreditations, recognitions, logos, and images of your brand to increase credibility. This builds trust between you and the prospect.


Let the tone of advertising be uniform


The tone of content on advertisement and that of the landing it leads to must be the same. As far as possible, use the same language and phrases which you have used while bringing a prospect into the sales funnel. Also, use the familiar colors in both places. The landing page must behave like an extension of the advertisement that they clicked on earlier.


Create urgency


In the best landing pages, the ad copy must lure the visitor to finally go towards the end CTA. Phrases like “Grab your seat”, “limited seats available”, “you’re running out of time to make the best of this offer”, “this course is free if you register today”, and the like can help create a sense of urgency in the buyer or the visitor. Also, putting a countdown clock on the landing page helps with the same.


Give them multiple CTAs


Giving them multiple CTAs is like giving your prospect a lot of chances to interact with you. All the other CTAs besides the main one must be made in such a way that it can capture leads even if they were not convinced by your main CTA. Ask if they want your E-book, monthly newsletter or a free trial of your software, and ask them for their email address.


A/B test your landing page


The only way to find out if the landing page is effective is by A/B testing it.  You can test the design, test two or three landing pages at once, to learn which one works better after funneling similar traffic. After a specific period of time, you will be able to analyze the metrics and see which page can be used for high conversions.




Be upfront about what you are about to offer while creating a minimalistic design for your real estate landing page. Keep the tone of advertising uniform throughout. Create urgency and give them alternative CTAs. Lastly, don't forget to A/B test.


Concentrating on these elements will allow you to see an increase in your conversion rates. Blending all these into a landing page and you will have just the right one. But, also check out readily available real estate landing page templates that you could use for free here.