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Your Weekly Inspiration – Landing Pages for Lead Generation

Every business thrives on leads. Generating leads isn't all that easy, but it isn't rocket science either. It is the art and science of getting a person to say  “Yes”. Generating enough trust in you or your business and the service can provide you with their personal contact information in exchange for your valuable offer or product.

There are innumerable case studies that show people generating thousands of leads and all you need to do is build trust and confidence with the right person who visits your landing page.  Here are a few tips to create one of the best lead generation landing page.

Include a Countdown Timer on the Lead Generation Landing Page

Countdown timer

It can be a webinar registration page or a lead generation page, adding a countdown timer presses those trigger buttons to create a sense of urgency in your visitor. This gives them the impetus that they must sign up by filling in the information in the fields that you have offered on the form. More often, lead generation isn’t so much about giving your visitors a reason to convert but giving the visitors a reason to convert ‘now’.

Co-Create Gated Content
There are numerous companies out there with the same specific target market as yours. If they aren't your direct competitors, having a healthy relationship with them is a great idea to co-create gated content. If you promote it together, you will have access to an email list of another business. So you just got a few hundred extra leads for half an ebook!


Ask only the necessary information

If you make the visitor feel like you are asking them to give more information than required, then there is a chance that they might not of fill up your form. When you ask them to fill in the carefully chosen two or three fields, they must feel like “yeah sure why not"


Placement of the Lead Form

Lead Capture Form

So, where do you place the form now?
Are you thinking of ‘Above the fold, on the right’? But, there is no correct place to put your lead gen form. The conventional way was to put the lead gen form on the top right, or at the middle of the page. It is very subjective until you put it out there and do some A/B testing with different variants.


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Add snippets of Case Studies

Go on, bring out all your research skills. Add snippets of case studies that are relevant to your product and services.

If you have a complicated piece of software, one of the coolest ways to generate leads is to give a small portion of it away

Give them a free trial of your software. Or just make the software be available as a free tool for a few days. A lot of sites around the web, which do this very successfully.

Now that you know the essentials for building the lead generation landing page, begin your campaign and generate leads with Lander’s exclusive lead generation templates.